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Promote Promote Promote!!

Miss Jupiter and myself would just like to ask everyone to promote our blog and get it heard! tell your friends, family, baby mama, and they cousin about us! =]

you don’t know how much it would mean to me and her….we are both two girls that just want to be heard!

please and thankies.

we are also currently working on getting new writers to the blog. =] so be on a look out for that.

here is a little video that happens when u put MissHighYellow in front of a camera for 15 minutes….its been edited down a hell of alot. ENJOY!




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Movie Seers Anonymous


I really need to join a special group for people who watch too many movies.

In one day I probably watched 4 movies total. That’s probably 1hour 30minutes per movies which totals up to 6 hours of my life dedicated to staring at a tv/computer screen. It’s really sad when you think about it. No social life at all for poor little Chelsea. LOL!

Anyways…Im here to announce some movies i cannot wait for!!

Where The Wild Things Are– I saw the trailer in the movies when i went to see Harry Potter. I couldn’t stop smiling and remembering childhood [*tear*]

New Moon– who isn’t ready for that one. hot sexy Jacob Black on a platter!!

Alice in Wonderland– also another childhood moment. Im gonna be a little kid in the candy store when i see Johnny Depp. Hopefully see it in 3-D so i can see him jumping out at me as the Mad Hatter.

Tell me what movies you guys are uber excited for that you could piss your pants (well…don’t get too happy. if you do just make sure you bring an clean pair of underwear). =]


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So it’s Back To School shoping season (in GA at least) & I’ve been just been looking around til my dad gets paid & done a little shopping. I was in this new store (well new store to this little town) Rue21, & BAM! i found me babys!

yeaaaahhh!! 041That’s me & my ex-boyfriend. He was making fun of my pigon toed-ness. He’s so mean to me! LOL!

But these leggings are the best! They are comfortable & STRETCHY! They look great with my Chucks! They are my first pair of leggings & I have truely been missing out! lol. I wish someone would heve told me earlier lol. But anyway, they cost $5 & they have a buttload of  colors. I plan to go up there again to get more colors. Get on my Amber Rose. & tomorrow, I’m going to get my new schedule for school & THRIFT STORE HUNTING! I might not buy anything because I gave to save money to get my hair done (Micro Twist cost ALOT!), but if i find something, I will go back! lol. I’m hoping I find some baggy acid-washed jeans, so I can make some cute shorts. AH! lol. :] Well, I’m gonna go now. I’ve been rambling lol. But I’ll post more pics in my leggings. TTYL!

yeaaaahhh!! 025Me, Michele, & PeppahJack @ Michele’s Party

yeaaaahhh!! 031Me & my boyfriend, JQ (GREAT RAPPER!)

yeaaaahhh!! 033Me, Pep, & Sushi


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I’m so sorry we haven’t been updating! Our inspiration kinda died down I guess. Nothing really cool to talk about. BUT i feel like I have a couple new things to talk about. New artist. New leggings [AH!]. Cool new people I’ve just discovered. LOTS of crap! So me & chelsea are going to keep you guys updated!


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(english accent**) Harry Potter!! UPDATED

today myself, JupJup, Kyndra, and Josh are going to see…..



i can tell you that i am excited outta my mind. i spend countless hours re-reading the book to prepare for the excitement! AH! LOL i will be back with an update and review of the movie. promise!!!

but for now i will leave you with the EPIC trailer.


Recently seen the movie….all i have to say is




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one of the scariest concepts in the world to me. all of my friends do it & they look awesome, but i feel like i’d fail…


like this poor kid. i can see we both are confused. i never know what to put on top/bottom. i never know how to color coordinate [i’d wear a pink & white shirt w/ yellow chucks]. i know what looks good on other people, but i never know what looks good on me…sad right. 17 going on 18 years of many shopping trips & i’m still madly confused….HELP ME!

i know many other blog writer might not write anything like this, but i’m real. i can’t help it. lol.


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so me and my BFFSSG (best friends forever since sixth grade) Jasmine aka J.Niccz aka Jupiter aka the co writer of this blog HAVE to get this necklace….not ASAP b/c we both broke…but sometime in the future would be nice. =]

imagephpIt’s available at Refinery29 Shops for a whoppin’ $220 bucks! Im sure me and Jup Jup can split the cost of course. But for right now…we got love in our heart that that lets us both know we gonna be friends forever! =]


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