to poof or not to poof?

so im sitting here eating a Klondike Bar surfing the net. My hand goes up to my hair…which is in dire distress right now. Tied up loosely in a ragged ponytail. UGH! so im thinking….what am I gonna do with this mess!?!? i know im in the house most of my time this summer but i do wanna get a jump start on the whole “new school year look”. So the question is…to poof or not to poof? LOL

you don’t have to answer that because i rarely see my poof on anybody around Powder Town. LOL Nobody really understands my poof besides…well meh! lol it’s pretty much an art and concept to it all. you gotta have the right clip and the right amount of body in the curls. Just the other day my sister, the “Hair Fashionista”, goes on about “WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH YOUR HAIR?!?! i dont understand it!!!!”. But that is the beauty of the poof…it’s not meant to be understood.


[wow….that was an evil laugh…scared myself a little bit]

anyways this whole post was suppose to be about the new hair clip I got that makes achieving my “poof” so much easier…buht i seemed to be babbling on about nonsense. eh!


[beautiful piece of plastic]


[finished product!!] only took like 2 minutes tops!



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