late night

so last night im up untill 6am in the morning…damn that insomnia! lol but i did have a bit of ideas shacking up in my head. I’ll make sure most of my ideas will come across the blog at some point. LOL

blog surfing is quite fun to meh…especially if you have no life, job, work, or nothing to do on summer vaycay, like i do. one of my favorites that i check every time im on the computer is WTForks. A blog brought to you by a whole bunch of fashionable Asian girls who obsess over Twilight. My “Twi-Hard” behind loves this site cuz i can relate b/c Twilight is THE BEST (don’t deny it….you love Twilight)!!! With all the funny comments and inside jokes that you could only get if you read Twilight, the site has my glued to the screen for hours on end (well maybe hours is an exhaggeration). just got see for your damn self what im talking about!! GOSH! lol


shout outs to the WTForks Ladies!! =]

Continuing my ever-lasting night….I sat down to actually get pretty, doll faced, and took some pictures. I only actually liked a few pics out of about a BILLION so i shall post them. I think the only thing keeping me up was my mind. My eyes were so red from exhaustion, i was yawning like crazy, i felt tired…. but when i actually sat down to go to sleep….it wouldn’t come! i would just be up thinking about random nonsense. ugh! but anyways….i know ppl do not wanna hear about my own persoanl problems…cuz i know i hate hearing about em too.

red lady

[i absolutely adore these new sunglasses!]

cool glasses

[ Forever 21 F7177 Sunglasses$5.80]

Also got some awesome new lipstick! =] i love them very mucho. Brought to you by BedHead in Luxery and Fun.


[Fun– which is a pink color & Luxery– which is red]






I only tried out the Luxery one for the night. Too lazy to put on the other one. LOL I really like it! =]

Well Im off to go spend time with the family. I hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July! I have no plans at all….I’ll probably be found dead on the side of the road. Cause of death? EXTREME BOREDOM! LOL jk.

ps. sorry about the somewhat bad quality of the pictures….took em on my camera phone. hopefully will have a real camera come back to school.




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5 responses to “late night

  1. unknowntheartist

    I’m so surprised, I thought I was the only urban loving girl in the world who loves Twilight! I’m glad there are more out there 😀

  2. Jhe'anell

    i love twilight!!!

  3. awwww THANKS BABE for the love. WTF?! and Twilight are taking over the worlllddd!!!! =)

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