print vs. plain

so i have this ridiculous battle in my head about whether i will rock the plain or print. With print, i dont have to do much. My clothes will speak for me. with plain, my demeanor will be everything. most of the time, i go plain because i just don’t have the means to really go all out, but that’s cool. since i’ve found some of the most adorable thrift stores, i think it’ll open me up to alot of cool looking stuff. So the whole point of this post is to ask one question. Print or Plain? Paper or Pastic? lol




hc2as you can see, these dresses are BEAUTIFUL! but every different. these are some homecoming dress ideas. the first one kinda reminds me of how I’ve grow. All my changes and how i’m not that shy little girl, but that beautiful young lady with TONS of personality. I would pair that dress with a fat ass chunky ring, maybe a necklace, and some dark blue platform heels. somethinng fun & cute. the second dress is EXTREAMLY SEXY and screams “UNZIP ME!”. lol. The girl in this  dress is confident out this world  & most defiantly the life of the parrrrtaaay! lol. I’d splash some color in this. Maybe a pink or green. heels, ring, necklace, & braelets. A nice clutch will top it all off.

for both of these, I know i wouldnt wanna pay over $50. IT’s just homecoming! lol. You gotta cake it out for prom. lol.

well tell me what you think about the plain/print battle.




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