does anybody else…

watch Avatar The Last Airbender??


If you didn’t know by now…MissHighYellow is the biggest nerd stuck in this “girly girl” body (swear im really a 13 year old boy drooling over Princess Leia in the gold bikini). Im into comic book characters, fiction, fantasy, and anything along the lines of Star Wars, Harry Potter, X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. Anyways….I’ve been on the streak of watching Avatar on the internet…trying to watch every episode (again) so i can have down pact the plot line and minor details.  This is beacause the live action movie by M. Night Shyamalan is coming out next summer.

Ever since I saw the teaser trailer for it….I’ve been hyped up on Avatar crack (if that makes any sense). Also my main man (husband) Jackson Rathbone is playing Sokka!! AH!!!!!


=]=]=]=]=] (hey baby daddy!!!)

i have a big thing for white boys. I dont discriminate. But if you gotta smile like Jackson’s….yummy!

but anyways…im just wandering if im the only one who is really excited for this movie. and if im the only one who still watches the cartoon show.

watch this animation….purely hilarious!!


another reason why i watch the show is because it has a comedic side to it! =]




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5 responses to “does anybody else…

  1. Starfire*

    i love avatar!
    although i’m not hyped up on “avatar crack” lol

    i love white boys too lol

  2. M.Jones

    OMG i fucks wit avatar and whole rack of comics and fantasy stuff u deffin etly ain’t the only one

    oh by the way the blog is the JIZZ!

    • jupitermclovin

      woo! idk why me and chels are such dorks. she got me hook on freakin star wars & we went through a phase where we wanted to go to a X-Men convention. we are some BIG dorks! lol

      & thanks for the love! :]

  3. safire

    jaz….u and your friend r so creative to put this site together…ur so smart…i LOVE AVATAR..U KNOW UR COUSINS have me looking at all the toons…I will put u in favorites and check back periodically…..luv u much:)))))!!!!!!

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