16 & Pregnant.

Good, informational show or License to let your freak flag fly?


So before actually watching the show, I thought it was the most retarded show that would just be telling girls my age, “GO HAVE SEX! MAYBE YOU CAN LAND ON MTV!”, but in actuality it’s kind of telling you the opposite…at least to me. I watching it for the first time today (as a result of boredom of course) & it was just more motivation to wait before i sexing. This one girl had all her dreams shattered for her baby. She never got to graduate. She couldn’t join the air force. She just sat at home with her baby while her baby daddy went out with his friends. Now that is NOT the life for me. I want to be free. Fend for myself for a while before i even think about have a young Jasmine running around. I personally look at this show as reinforcement (at least for the smart girls with a good head on their shoulders). This shows shows me exactly how I’d end up if i did slip up & got preggo. That’s not the life. If you’re waiting to have sex (like me), stick to your guns and never let them down for anyone. & if you are having sex, from one girl to the next, be careful, strap up & get tested often.

…that’s my PSA for the month lol. Tell me your thoughts on the show. I’d love to hear your stance.

& BAM!

whaa 009

NINJA! he wanted to say hi :]




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4 responses to “16 & Pregnant.

  1. Starfire*

    I watched that episode today and i feel the exact same way. Most of the girls on the show end up in the same situation. They carry around some buttheads baby for 9 months, then end up taking care of it while the butthead does whatever buttheads do. Sometimes the girl’s parents end up taking care of the baby in the place of the butthead. So i agree with you jazz…no baby kyndra’s until i’ve taken care of myself first.

  2. misshighyellow

    i often watch the show. it’s a real shame on how most of the girls end up without the baby daddy actually helping out. pisses me off more like it! but it does reinforce girls to wait before having sex. Or at least think about the consequences.
    well…wit me being a lesbo and what not…i can’t get preggers! haha! =] jk jk jk
    but i think you should get your own stuff together before bringing another life into the world. you want to best for your children…so be prepared for it.

  3. SushMonsterMelcher

    i didn’t like that girl. i felt bad for here but she was sucha a bitch and her hubby was acting like a 12 year old lol

  4. I’m glad it turned you all off to having babies so young. I had always wanted a baby and at 21 did. It was so exhausting. Loved the baby but did not love the constant need to stay focused.
    I am writing a series of stuff about the show if you want to check it out.

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