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big sean

Big Sean

Up until a month or 2 ago, if you would have said “U KNOW BIG SEAN?” to me, I would have been like….UM NO! And before I actually saw him, I thought he was a big guy. But my WHOLE perception of him was all wrong from the beginning lol. So after I got pressured to download his mixtape, I was like let me give this guy a try. From that point til now, I’ve been hooked. One of the reasons I went to the Indie Music Festival a couple weeks ago was to see him, but he wasn’t even booked for it. that sucked. I feel for him like i felt for drake when he came out with comeback season. it was just undeniable talent you can’t turn your ear away from or sleep on. So for a little bio: he’s 21. He’s from Detroit. He was discovered by Kanye & signed to G.O.O.D. Music. He has 2 mixtapes. Finally Famous & UKNOWBIGSEAN [click the links to get them.].

Twitter – @Big_Sean


Big Sean Blog

& he’ll talk to you on twitter. i have proof..

hey1AYE!! :]

so yeah, give big sean a listen. you won’t regret it! :]



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