what a good headband can do.

So was 4th of July wa the other day &  plently of people came over. Lots & lots of BBQ and maybe too many laughs lol. But people came so fast, i didn’t get to do my hair like I wanted. I ran upstairs & just threw on my pink headband and BAM! my hair was tamed lmao.

whaa 001

Forever 21 ;; $3.80

it’s a great investment if you dont have one. For most of my family, it was their first time finding out i’m going natural & seeing my hair in all it’s happy nappy glory. They loved it. Nice to have support from the fam….but fuck it! lol. That’s not what I’m here to talk about. lol.

When you gave a good headband, it makes all the difference it the world. Take me for instance.


[got B&N tatted on my cheast! i’m such a thug!] But you see. Flab to Fab faster than you can say “B&N is the jizz!”. Dontcha like my MJ curl in the front. Idk why, but that one peice of hair always seems to fall in my face. arg! [on my Pirates shit!] it’s the cute though. might be the trademark lol.

when I took these pics last night, I decides to put on makeup! WOO! lol. I personally LOVE covergirl. It’s cheap and pretty.& if you give me that, you give me happiness. But I’ve been using mayballine mascara. Both of my lash blast ran out & i wanted to try the lash stiletto. I love it! I know you’re not suppose to cross different brands of makeup but WHATEVER!!!!! lol.

whaa 003

Mayballine Lash Stiletto ;; 5 or 6 bucks

Thought this doesn’t give me the curl I like in my lashes, it does the job with length & ZERO clump. Smell isn’t the most pleasent. You can wait til the price goes down to get it though. No real rush. I really want my lash blast back.

whaa 004

Cover Girl Wet Slicks Splashers ;; $2.60

I LOVE LIPGLOSS! I cant pull off the lipstick game like chelsea, BUT this lipgloss gives me the little color it like. That’s the Watermelon Splash. Lips stay poppin for a EXTRA long time. It’s not that sticky either. Nothing worst than cheap, ghetto lipgloss. Not sexy.

whaa 005

CoverGirl Blast Collection: Tropical Fusion ;; $4

This is what every eccentric girl in the world. Bright eyes might not be for everyone, but I LOVE IT! lol. It’s the best way to top off an outfit!

I really love how this became a makeup review! lol. This was suppose to be about hair lol. But it doesn’t matter. It be like that sometimes. If you have any or all off these products if you have any of them! 🙂




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4 responses to “what a good headband can do.

  1. misshighyellow

    i love how it became a make-up review too! me and yooh always get off topic easily! ha!! that’s what makes us BFFSSG’s. =]

  2. M.Jones

    so u kno i have dreads and somtimes they be lookin rough …. but a headband and sum hair oil can fix jus bout everything lol

    lol make ups cool too …. i guess i wudn’t kno since im a BOY in all lol

    • jupitermclovin

      lmao! that is so true! i’m ultimately working toward dread, if you didn’t know. i cant wait! i totally envy you & your locks mr jones! lol. ily though. 🙂

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