Never Can Say Goodbye.



So as we all know, the Michael Jackson Memorial was today. To be honest, i was a little afraid to watch it since it was such short notice. I thought it might be unorganized & a HUGE disappointment *cough cough*BET Awards*cough*.  But it turned out to be a VERY beautiful and loving memorial. My one of my favorite parts had to be Magic Johnson speaking about his first time meeting MJ. Here’s the video.

MJ liked KFC! I personally like Popeyes, but I thought that story was pretty. I’d love to sit on the floor with MJ and eat Kentucky Fried Chicken all day long. Let’s be real. Who wouldn’t want that? This memorial was a great way for a lot of people to have closure. Seeing the casket made people say, “Ok, it’s real. The King of Pop is officially gone.”. The performances were very heartfelt and exposed the human side to all the people involved. My favorite performance was from Jermaine Jackson.

It was Michael’s favorite song. I thought it was beautiful that his older brother sung his favorite song for him one last time. Had to shed a tear. BUT the most touching part of the whole memorial was Paris Michael Katherine Jackson speaking on her father.

She is strong little girl. It sucks because she knows him a daddy. People fail to realize that he was a daddy to somebody. Just imagine if you lost one of your parents. I dont think anyone would be able to handle it well. Especially in the public eye. Ugh. Just thinking about it breaks my heart.

Though this was closure, I refuse to shut the door. Like the title of this post, I will NEVER say goodbye. I can’t do it. Like most other people, I grew up listening to Michael Jackson. I felt some real family type love for him & the whole family. It’s something none of us will ever forget.

R.I.P Michael Jackson. You will be missed.





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