one of the scariest concepts in the world to me. all of my friends do it & they look awesome, but i feel like i’d fail…


like this poor kid. i can see we both are confused. i never know what to put on top/bottom. i never know how to color coordinate [i’d wear a pink & white shirt w/ yellow chucks]. i know what looks good on other people, but i never know what looks good on me…sad right. 17 going on 18 years of many shopping trips & i’m still madly confused….HELP ME!

i know many other blog writer might not write anything like this, but i’m real. i can’t help it. lol.



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One response to “layering..

  1. misshighyellow

    osh gosh!
    i guess layering come naturally to some ppl and not to other ppl.
    you just gotta know what goes together right.
    and now a days….it aint about matching either…so just throw some shit on and look flyy! lol

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