Movie Seers Anonymous


I really need to join a special group for people who watch too many movies.

In one day I probably watched 4 movies total. That’s probably 1hour 30minutes per movies which totals up to 6 hours of my life dedicated to staring at a tv/computer screen. It’s really sad when you think about it. No social life at all for poor little Chelsea. LOL!

Anyways…Im here to announce some movies i cannot wait for!!

Where The Wild Things Are– I saw the trailer in the movies when i went to see Harry Potter. I couldn’t stop smiling and remembering childhood [*tear*]

New Moon– who isn’t ready for that one. hot sexy Jacob Black on a platter!!

Alice in Wonderland– also another childhood moment. Im gonna be a little kid in the candy store when i see Johnny Depp. Hopefully see it in 3-D so i can see him jumping out at me as the Mad Hatter.

Tell me what movies you guys are uber excited for that you could piss your pants (well…don’t get too happy. if you do just make sure you bring an clean pair of underwear). =]



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