So it’s Back To School shoping season (in GA at least) & I’ve been just been looking around til my dad gets paid & done a little shopping. I was in this new store (well new store to this little town) Rue21, & BAM! i found me babys!

yeaaaahhh!! 041That’s me & my ex-boyfriend. He was making fun of my pigon toed-ness. He’s so mean to me! LOL!

But these leggings are the best! They are comfortable & STRETCHY! They look great with my Chucks! They are my first pair of leggings & I have truely been missing out! lol. I wish someone would heve told me earlier lol. But anyway, they cost $5 & they have a buttload of  colors. I plan to go up there again to get more colors. Get on my Amber Rose. & tomorrow, I’m going to get my new schedule for school & THRIFT STORE HUNTING! I might not buy anything because I gave to save money to get my hair done (Micro Twist cost ALOT!), but if i find something, I will go back! lol. I’m hoping I find some baggy acid-washed jeans, so I can make some cute shorts. AH! lol. :] Well, I’m gonna go now. I’ve been rambling lol. But I’ll post more pics in my leggings. TTYL!

yeaaaahhh!! 025Me, Michele, & PeppahJack @ Michele’s Party

yeaaaahhh!! 031Me & my boyfriend, JQ (GREAT RAPPER!)

yeaaaahhh!! 033Me, Pep, & Sushi



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