Jupiter’s Rules To Leggings.

This is my, & should be EVERYONES, rules to leggings, tights & anything of that nature.

1. NEVER wear leggings with holes or runs (unless you can cover them).

Not this is just TRASHY! To me, the point of wearing leggings is to leave something to the imagination. Like or V-neck shirt or a muscle shirt for some guys LOL. The person looks at you like “I want that!”. The tights with the holes leave NOTHING to the imagination! Leave that trend to the street walkers & strippers! PLEASE!


2. NEVER wear tights with dress that runs past your knees!

I think you are conservative ENOUGH with a dress PAST YOUR KNEES! Adding leggings/ will just make you look like a prude bitch that has no idea the delicateness of the legging. IT CANT BE WORN WITH EVERYTHING!

3. NEVER wear shiny tights/leggings if you are even a LITTLE bit insecure.

This can go for any type of leggings but ESPECIALLY the shiny ones! They will bring out things you THINK look bad (trust me, the things you see as flaws, NO ONE else sees). So with little confidence, this will bring down you WHOLE outfit. So if you really want some, you better put on your Amber Rose swag & KILL IT!

amber_rose2_0_0_0x0_400x600i love this woman SO much!

4. Men, gay or straight, should NEVER wear leggings!

Skinny jeans are cool! I love them on a guy! But leggings…..yeNO! It DOES NOT work whatsoever. Back to the whole ‘leaving something to the imagination’ theory, I SEE YOUR JUNK IN THEM PANTS! Though that maybe helpful to the women or man seeking a sex partner for the night…STILL! If you have a little one, Mr. Big Little Guns, they dont have to know until you pull them boxer briefs down! It is an ultimate FAIL! Never in your life think to wear leggings! Leave that to the ballerina men!

brandMe- “Sir…..SIR!. Yeah, you! I SEE YOUR PENIS! …I DON’T WANT TO!”

That’s not all, BUT I am very sleep! I would just save this as a draft, BUUUT I really don’t want to! But these are the basic rules to leggings/tights/stocking/ect! I hope you take them into consideration! I would if I were you. So girl work them tights! You look FAB! I just know it!



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One response to “Jupiter’s Rules To Leggings.

  1. Rob

    EEEWWW!!!! That’s just not natural lol

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