DIY: ankle boots!

MissHighYellow here to give everyone a sorta of tutorial on some shoes of mine. i was going thru my closet picking around at things, creative ideas rushing thru my mind.

I picked up an old pair of black boots, which i’ve only worn once since i got them years ago! i was about to send them off to the Salvation Army but *click*…an idea popped in my brain.


I thought….i dont have a pair of black ankle boots….so why dont i just make a pair.


so taking my handy dandy scissors i went cutting away.


i noticed when i put the booties on, the zipper came right off!! big problem there…..


so i will take some safety pins and just pin em together like that’s how their suppose to be….a little ghetto but i gotta make it work.



i hope i have inspired some of you to look thru your closet and see what you can salvage out of old, unused shoes or clothes.





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4 responses to “DIY: ankle boots!

  1. Jae

    OMG, Love this Post.
    I do stuff like that All the Time; Especially to Clothes.
    Go Girl!.

  2. SushMonsterMelcher

    next time: unzip the boots, THEN cut! lol

    • misshighyellow

      like the zipper was gonna come off anyways. it didnt have nothing to stop it. uhhh just complicated i guess. ILY

  3. jvaconsulting

    Hi, here is what I did with old boots.

    Love your idea and am going to try it—

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