Women Extenze!



comments? concerns?! I really want to rant about this! But I’m just too pisses to even know where to begin….maybe later. UGH!



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5 responses to “Women Extenze!

  1. SushMonsterMelcher

    i like that it can
    “enhace repsons”
    what does that mean?!?!?

  2. Actually Women ExtenZe works and the formula has already helped thousands of women improve their sex life. Because of its proven success helping women to increase their sexual libido, Women ExtenZe has caught the eye of major retailers nationwide. Kroger, RiteAid, and GNC are already selling Women ExtenZe in their stores.

  3. it really works. you should try it.

  4. Not pleased

    If your on any kind of birthcontrol, these pills will cause you to bleed. And thats not good trying to have good sex and bleeding at the same time.

    Not happy.

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