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Jupiter’s Music Spotlight!

So E Dot Spencer. Eazy E Dot. Mr. Dot. YoungDotta. 1/4 of Jx3azy Dot LOL.

I met this kid though my ex a couple months ago. I just knew him as the kid that produced “Fall Down On Me” & i thought he was a SICK producer [& he is LOL]. So once MJ died, I found out he was a HUGE MJ fan, so he had already won my heart! We’d have some of the most amazingly crazy crowded twitter conversation with everyone that followed us & that we followed! LOL. Fun times. LOL. So maybe 2 weeks ago, I found out about his mixtape! OMG! i was super excited because I has only heard him rap on about 4 songs so to hear a WHOLE mixtape got me really excited. LOL. So it dropped at 12 o’clock today & I am currently listening to it! LOL.


Front Cover

Click here to download it.




This is my homie & he is TRUELY talented. Download the mixtape!

I’m proud of you boy! 🙂



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