Embrace Your Donk!

So lately, I can admit, I’ve been feeling myself! IDK if it’s the new school clothes, which aren’t THAT great, the micros, or the simple fact that I’m a senior. I REALLY don’t know! But whenever I walk past a mirror, I always find something else I like about myself. Like just now, I just realized I love how my butt looks! I’ve been noticing things that I never really liked. My legs, my hands, my fingers, my boobs! I wouldn’t say I’m conceited. That’s the last word to describe myself. I think I’m becoming more and more content with what I’ve been given! My butt is a good 30 inches around [may sound big, but I have HIPS! LOL. my bum is a little on the flat side LOL]. My legs are short, but they are smooth & a even tone. My hands & fingers are very small & wrinkly, but I get them from my Great-Grandmother, so why should I be ashamed. My boobs [DISCLAIMER– now THIS is the worst part] are PERFECTION!!!! OMG! I love them, which would explain why I’ve worn a V Neck shirt ALL WEEK! LOL.


I dont know man, I know I sound really concieted. But like I said, I’m becoming more and more content. I think every girl needs to experience this. Even on your worst day, you have to know you are nothing short of a dime & believe it wholeheartedly. I think it’ll be a much more beautiful world if women believed that about themselves & accept what they have. There is no need to live up to a magazine cover. Photoshop makes all all those girls look like what they are not. Why would you look at that, when you could just look in the mirror at the true beauty?

…So I hope this post makes you rethink some things. Look at yourself & find everything you love! It’ll really make you smile a whole lot more. & once you see your beauty, everyone else will also.



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