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Today is the 8th aniversary of Aaliyah’s tragic death. I loved her so much! I cried when she passed man. I don’t even cry when famous people die bruh. She meant THAT much to me. & any girl my age understands. She made all of us feel like we were the STUFF especially in “Are you that somebody?”! Don’t even front! You knew all the dance moves & whenever the video came on, you ran to that TV like nobodies business & was JAMMIN! LOL! She will & always be missed. To be 22 & have you life taken at the height of your career….can you just imagine that? …makes me sad. She paved the way for all these young female singers today. She was the perfect balance of tomboy & girly-girl & it was all so cute! LOL. Well I just wanted everyone to remember her & her great music. Never take life for granted loves! Tell me some of you Aaliyah memories & what you miss the most about her. Donn’t be affraid to comment.




We miss you.




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3 responses to “OneInAMillion *

  1. misshighyellow

    omg! i miss aaliyah so much!
    had all her cd’s.
    used to record her videos on tapes and watch them.
    i would wanna wear baggy pants, straighten my hair, and buy midriff shirts like her!
    she was truly an amazing person.
    i still keep her on heavy rotation on my pod!

  2. misshighyellow

    wow…& im mad at the water mark on the first picture of her…
    all nude celebrities?
    can the internet pay some type of respect for her….dayyyummm!

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