Vintage Glam Never Dies

MissHighYellow here to put everyone on to a new fashion/style/artsy “expert”! And no I’m not talking about lame Rachel Zoe.


[sorry….she is just not all that good to me]


Im talking about the infamous Vintage Vandal… Miss Jasmin Rodriquez! She’s more than a woman…she’s an exhibitionist, rebel, and defies anything that has to do with the word “normal”. lol


Her exotic looks caught my eye, and then seeing her haul posts on her blog… got me hooked! oh and she’s a total babe!! She’s not snobby and uptight, like some wanna-be-famous people.


Her art work is to die for! She deserves to be recognize in every household.

so if you already haven’t, check her out…it will be worth your time.

Vintage Vandalizm Blog

VV Twitter



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