Penism-The Study Of Awkward Penises.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re a prude, you need to stop here.


Penises are not the coolest toys in the world, scratch that, if you’re a whore they’re probably the funnest things you’ve ever played with. I mean, they’re like water guns, just with semen and piss.

Attractive huh?
I thought so too.

But what if we could study awkward penises? Like if you could go to a lab and put on on of those cool ass lab coats and play with them?
Not exactly play with them, but if that’s what you’re into… by all means be my guest.
Now in know what you’re thinking..
And I’m sorry to tell you this, tiny dancers…

How many times a day to regular penises get loving? EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR!
But when girls see an awkward penis, they not thinking “ohh that extra flap of skin is sexy” or “I cant wait to get on that lumpy penis tonight”.
They’re thinking “EWW GET IT WAY!” like its something out of a sci fi film. And yes, i know that’s wrong.. but i mean can you blame us?

Do you really think a crooked penis is attractive?
Who really wants to have to get on a penis sideways?
Not I!

Studying awkward penises could revolutionize the whole world, we’d be finding ways to make awkward penises more attractive to the female species…

Here are some ideas I’ve come up with already…
-Spray some cologne on it.
-Bake a cake with it.
-Teach it to cry.
I mean, the possibilities are endless…

I’ve gotten sidetracked by the idea of baking a cake with a penis, i think that would be quite cool.

Is that just me?
*shakes head* no, no i understand.

Now that Ive probably been shunned for this post.
I’m gonna end it with this one question.

Have you loved your awkward penis, today?

I know this is off subject…
but they finally buried Michael Jackson.
It’s about damn time.



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8 responses to “Penism-The Study Of Awkward Penises.

  1. jupitermclovin

    when i tell you i laughed on EVERY line, I LAUGHED EVERY FREAKIN LINE! OMG! I’m so glad you finally posted something! This the long awaited update from Kayla! WOO! this is why i love you kay-kay!

  2. JQ


  3. misshighyellow

    LOL this is exactly why i love my donk-a-licious girl! now u need to post something like this more often

  4. Chester

    yo wat the hell this was funny as hell lol but you didnt have to put that out like that some guys are gonna be upset if they have one

  5. jarrett

    i read through your post and loved every second. and yes i do love my awkward penis, although it is lumpy and small with yellow stuff coming out the end of it. my cats are happy to lick it up though! please continue your sexy posts, and how exactly would you bake penis cakes? xxx

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