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Happy Halloween from Your B&N Girls!


Have a good one!


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Mini Haul- Brushes and Bronzer

I know with the recession going on and me not having a job….I wont do this often but i will try my best to.

I went shopping the other day and i wanted to share the goodies that i got!

***i must warn you…photos were taken on my camera phone. im really picky with my pictures…you might think they look fine buhht im having a fit over here. i will have a real camera soon..yay! so that means more posts!!!

Wet And Wild Bronzzer




I havent tried it yet but i did do a little swatch on my hand. It give a golden glow and a sparkle…i think i looks nice. && apparently someone stole the brush that came in the compact….glad i have extras in my brush collection!

On the Wet And Wild Website it gives details on it:

Summer in a compact! This lightweight bronzing powder goes on smooth and blends like a dream for healthy color all year long.


  • Bronzing makeup is the safe, sunless way to bronze the skin
  • Powder finish brushes on without streaking
  • Applies easily to face and body for a little bit of sun where the sun
    doesn’t shine!

Application Tips

Dust bronzer lightly over entire face for a natural, healthy glow. Use on cheekbones as a blusher. Add a touch to collar bone, shoulders,
even cleavage.


Daily Mirra Eye Duo Mini Travel Brush Kit





I think it is the cutest thing i have ever seen! also on the side of the brush it is printed with an arrow indicating what kind of brush it is….from concealer brush to eye shadow brush. I’ve tried them already. i think i love the eyeshadow brush and the blending brush.


on an extra note…i colored my hair…again. i know its nothing new to people that know me. lol i was thinking since it is getting cold and fall has rolled in…why not go dark. i dont wanna be orange and matching the falling leaves!!! so i went down to my sister’s salon and go the old switch aroo done…and bammm!! i’ve been getting compliments like crazy!



[this pic is from today…zero make up and not feeling well]

well….i think this was a healthy…well updated post. more to come my loves…especially this weekend because of my birthday. maybe even some videos! tell me what you want to see! comment below. =]


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New Hood Trend.

Wut it dew y’all?! Dis ya gurl, Jupiter! I’m cummin at y’all wit a NEW NEW hood trend. Tutu’s hoe! All da hood gurls wearing it! Look at dis chick!


…I’m tired of writing like a ghetto prostitute! This picture was taken by me, yesterday, at C lunch. I don’t know who his girl is. I don’t know what possessed her to do his. I just know this baffled me! It made me go WOW! She amazed me! Let’s start from the top. Ponytail & white tee. Thought we threw this out freshman year & only brought them back on laundry day. The iCarly bookbag speaks for itself. Then BAM!, Pink tutu she stole from her baby sister, and lime green “acid washed” bleached up jeans. Then she topped it off with the 2 different color dunks. WHERE DOES SHE GET OFF?! I’m still stunned to this very moment. If I ever walk out the house like this, I’d want my friends to slap me in the face TWICE!


JESUS took the wheel yesterday because I had  a lot of things to say to her. Tutu should only be on ballerinas and little  girls on Halloween. This tutu trend is getting out of hand!


So ladies, for EVERYONE’S sake, burn your Tutu’s and try something a little less humiliating!


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We gone have 5 Minutes Quiet time

Me & Kayla are in Coach Ross class! He is so hilarious, but not jokie joke wise. Just the way he talks. …here’s kayla.


heyyyyy-lo boys and girls!

…this is Jasmine again!

…now we have to go! We’re thinking about doing a contest for a CUSTOM made shirt by US! Tell us if you might be interested! 🙂


Jasmine & Kaaaaaaylahhh*

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Cellular Stresses.

So me being the techie in the house is probably the worst thing to happen to me in…MY LIFETIME!

Im always on the computer, on my phone, or looking at new technology out there in the world. Im always on CNET, Engadget, Boy Genius Repot, or other numerous websites. My baddest habbit is getting new cell phones. AT&T effed up our account so every two weeks we are “eligible for a free upgrade”…which means “free phone for Chelsea”.

I’ve recent got the Nokia E71x…which is my heart and joy! AT&T lied when it said it had free WiFi. There were definately charges to my account the next month.

[Meet Fred. Fred has a pink case.  Fred’s wallpaper varies from Marilyn Monroe, shoes, to girls kissing.]

I’ve cut back on my habits on getting new phones but right now…my addiction is trying to convince my mother to let me have internet on my phone. Bad part about that one is…i have a PDA phone, on AT&T the data plan price is jacked up way high. My family is broke and cannot afford that kind of stuff.

So little old me is suffering without internet on the go. Or i could just be like this cool guy and take his idea.


[i think i’d get alot of weird looks….]

On the bright side, I am searching furiously for a job to compensate that hope to have internet! Hopefully my whole plan works out for me.

[yep…. this is my grand mater plan]

I hate being broke… people…. give (to be politically correct) donate me money!!!

ps. my birthday is in 13 more day. I plan on getting my tongue pierced and going to see Where The Wild Things Are. =]


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Jizz in my Skirt.


For the love of God…PLEASE tell me these are not real. Tell me they are a fragment of my imagination so I can stop jizzing! I may not be able to walk in heels (being flat footed really holds me back at time), but I will buy them & hang them on my wall!

The Top Shop just came out with new shoes & these brightened up my day! Maybe I’ll post more shoes in Graphics. I’m leaving anatomy class now! TTYL!



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Cute guys singing on Youtube!

So lately, all I do is look up homemade hair conditioners & sexy dudes sing on YouTube. Random, right? Well here some of the guys I have fallen in love or fell in love with them in the past & just forgot how GREAT they are.

That was Bluey Robinson. I was absolutely obsessed with him my sophomore year! So sexy.

British accents + dreads = panty dropper!

This is Brandon Hines! The love of my life! He is under Trey Songz, so you know he’s great!

This is Durand! He’s just AWESOME!! He has some of the best view point & he’s passionate about them. I love it! He is also a man of God. Can’t get any better than that bruh! LOL

That’s all I can share right now. I’m about to go watch Cougar Town & Modern Family! 2 VERY funny shows that come on ABC on Wednesdays at 8 & 9 o’clock. It’s right after church so it’s PERFECT! LOL. So yeah, I’m gonna go turn on the show now (DVR HOE!)! I’ll ttyl!


PS* So the “Break-ups suck” post just got a GREAT comment! It’s actually from the ex boyfriend, Josh! So go read it! It show how PATHETIC he really is.  He only talks shit on the INTERNET….can’t believe I dated that pussy. LOL! Ah! His antics just shows how much power I have over him. :] Alright! Love you guys! Keep reading the blog & COMMENT please! =D

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