October’s Very Own

Heya everyone! Im back from my lonnngg hiatus! Sowwie bout that…I’ve been caught up in school & the upcoming birthday! Big 18th!! Yay!!

Anyways…as this fall season rolls on in, I’m sure everyone is enjoying to slight breeze & the leaves falling. I know I am for sure. I dont know if it’s because i was born in the fall…buhht its prolly my favorite time of the year…tied with Christmas!


[ps. I’m already singing Christmas carols]

I cant wait for the trees to be all nakie so I can stomp on the really crunchy leaves……(you know you wanna join me!).  I also love fall because you can layer up with various clothes & as the day goes on…you can peel those layers off.

Onto other subjects….Musica!!

My iPod has been on a constant repeat of a beautiful British songstress named Remi Nicole. Her debut sophomore album is called “Cupid Shoot Me” and it is  heartfelt and varied with 1950’s themed songs.


She is very good friends with Amy Winehouse & somewhat reminds me of her, without the drugs & booze.  On repeat is my favorite “Going It Alone“.  Remi Nicole has also said in an recent interview that this is also her favorite track off of the album! Awesome…aint it??? Overall, I love her voice….its magical and can pull you in. ❤

Check her out on:

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/reminicole1

Twitter: http://twitter.com/reminicole

Please comment on future topics that you want to hear about! =]


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