Dear theboobs,

My name is Jasmine (or Jupiter, whatever floats your boat). I am absolutely obsessed with this blog! Some of the funniest post EVER! Mainly because I totally understand where Des & Glossy are coming from!


OH, I’m sorry. Let me introduce you to them!

This is Desboobs!


&This is Glossy!

3467508974_76b0c11d5b_oGREAT BOOBS RIGHT?!

They are all about everything I stand for! Big hair, hooker nails, gold, cute doggies, & BOOBS! They feature girls with great boobs (most boobs are great BTW) & for those of you that know me, I have some great boobs! I really want to be featured one day! Like I want it for my 18th B-Day! It’ll be really funny & cool! LOL! So if someone wants to contact them & tell them what I want, I’d LOVE it! =D

Anyways! You should check out theboobs! You’ll LOVE it! Like me!




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4 responses to “Dear theboobs,

  1. misshighyellow

    hmmm…good idea for a bday present for yooh. i shall contact them when the time comes…cuz we still got three more months till your bday. ❤

  2. thanks for the love girl!

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