Cellular Stresses.

So me being the techie in the house is probably the worst thing to happen to me in…MY LIFETIME!

Im always on the computer, on my phone, or looking at new technology out there in the world. Im always on CNET, Engadget, Boy Genius Repot, or other numerous websites. My baddest habbit is getting new cell phones. AT&T effed up our account so every two weeks we are “eligible for a free upgrade”…which means “free phone for Chelsea”.

I’ve recent got the Nokia E71x…which is my heart and joy! AT&T lied when it said it had free WiFi. There were definately charges to my account the next month.

[Meet Fred. Fred has a pink case.  Fred’s wallpaper varies from Marilyn Monroe, shoes, to girls kissing.]

I’ve cut back on my habits on getting new phones but right now…my addiction is trying to convince my mother to let me have internet on my phone. Bad part about that one is…i have a PDA phone, on AT&T the data plan price is jacked up way high. My family is broke and cannot afford that kind of stuff.

So little old me is suffering without internet on the go. Or i could just be like this cool guy and take his idea.


[i think i’d get alot of weird looks….]

On the bright side, I am searching furiously for a job to compensate that hope to have internet! Hopefully my whole plan works out for me.

[yep…. this is my grand mater plan]

I hate being broke…..rich people…. give (to be politically correct) donate me money!!!

ps. my birthday is in 13 more day. I plan on getting my tongue pierced and going to see Where The Wild Things Are. =]



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