New Hood Trend.

Wut it dew y’all?! Dis ya gurl, Jupiter! I’m cummin at y’all wit a NEW NEW hood trend. Tutu’s hoe! All da hood gurls wearing it! Look at dis chick!


…I’m tired of writing like a ghetto prostitute! This picture was taken by me, yesterday, at C lunch. I don’t know who his girl is. I don’t know what possessed her to do his. I just know this baffled me! It made me go WOW! She amazed me! Let’s start from the top. Ponytail & white tee. Thought we threw this out freshman year & only brought them back on laundry day. The iCarly bookbag speaks for itself. Then BAM!, Pink tutu she stole from her baby sister, and lime green “acid washed” bleached up jeans. Then she topped it off with the 2 different color dunks. WHERE DOES SHE GET OFF?! I’m still stunned to this very moment. If I ever walk out the house like this, I’d want my friends to slap me in the face TWICE!


JESUS took the wheel yesterday because I had  a lot of things to say to her. Tutu should only be on ballerinas and little  girls on Halloween. This tutu trend is getting out of hand!


So ladies, for EVERYONE’S sake, burn your Tutu’s and try something a little less humiliating!



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