…you like what?!

*DISCLAIMER:This post contains gross subject matter, but if you like that freaky shit, you’re more than welcome to continue*

fetish-any object or non genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

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Okay, so today in class me and fellow broke and nameless writer Jupiter Mclovin, were having a talk about fetishes and how fucking strange some of them are.
For example Jup has a biting fetish, she just likes biting the shit out of people and i guess that’s cool, if you like being hunted.
I, on the other hand, have a tattoo and piercing fetish and I’m somewhat of a masochist, which means that i basically like to get hurt when I’m getting it in. Now i know what you’re thinking, you guys’ fetishes don’t seem THAT weird and they aren’t THAT weird compared to some of the other types of fetishes that exist.

Here’s a list of the ones that freaked me out the most:

Acrotomophilia- Arousal by People with amputations.

Autoandrophilia- Arousal by a biological female imagining herself as a male.

Biastophilia- Arousal based on the rape of an unconsenting person.

Coprophilia- Arousal by Feces.

Dacryphilia- Arousal by Tears or crying.

Dendrophilia- Arousal by Trees.

Emetophilia- Arousal by Vomit.

Formicophilia- Being crawled on by insects.

Klismaphilia- Arousal by Enemas.

Lactaphilia- Arousal by Breast Milk.

Menophilia- Arousal from Menstruation.

Mucophilia- Arousal from Mucus.

Olfactophilia- Arousal from Smells.

Urolagnia- Arousal from peeing or being peed on.

Vorarephilia- Arousal from Eating or being eaten by others.

Zoophilia- Arousal from animals.

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Now I knew there were some freaky people in the world, but this is just gross.
Why in the hell would you want someone to pee on you?
And what are you going to do with someone who is missing a leg?
–now these are rhetorical, and if you’re into that kind of shit, may god be with you.

You people have too much damn time on yall hands..
So tiny dancers, what are you guys’ fetishes?


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  1. Great share Thank you ! 😉

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