Rihanna on 20/20.


I know I’m a whole day late, but I didn’t feel like watching the interview the night it came on. Thank God for DVR bruh. LOL. On a more serious note, the interview was something every…awakening, I guess, to me. Before, the situation between her and Chris was something I felt wasn’t suppose to get media coverage. Maybe that first day, but I felt it was TOO sensationalized. It was all anyone talked about for weeks! After looking at the interview, it changed my views on it. I cried for a majority of the interview because I knew EXACTLY how bad she hurt. I was never beaten by a man…or anyone for that matter…but I know how it feels to fall in love with a best f riend. I know how feelings come sooo fast and you fall SO hard. I know this. I understood everything she was saying. I can’t stress that enough. She was a victim and I (and plenty of other people) were to ignorant to comprehend that. Many people tried to come up with excuses for Chris and his behavior. It disgust me how people can even say that after this interview. Just writing this make me kind of emotional. She is very strong for even coming out and telling everyone about that night. I know I would have just cried the whole time with Diane Sawyer asked me those questions (I’m just an emotional person LOL). I think everyone should watch this interview. It’ll really open your eyes and bring light on her situation for you.








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  1. I applaud her strength. She handled this very well. Chris’s interview made him look guilty. Sorry CB lovers!

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