Kid Sister is BACK baby!

kid sister

Us at B&N, especially me and Chelsea, are HUGE fans of Kid Sister! We love her! She’s just amazing! & I can say she made a great contribution in my getting over that nasty break-up! So Chelsea made a post about us anticipating her coming back out because Pro Nails, Southside, Switchboard, and Control were just making the wait worse! KS read that post and told me, “No need to fret! My single was coming soon” (not her exact words, but I look at her like my Juking Superhero, so why not make her sound like one). So we patiently waited….and waited…and not too much later, Right Hand Hi was leaked. I almost jizzed my pants from all the excitement! Downloaded it off some random blog, and was a happy camper. That was a couple months ago. Noooooow, KS has come out with a video for Right Hand Hi!


I absolutely love it man! It has KS written all over it! Neon lights. Crazy Styles. Juking. Chi-Town! And most importantly, NAILS! I give this video 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up! Now all there is to wait for is Ultraviolet! It drops November 17 people! Support Kid Sister! BUY IT! (:

All I need to know now is, WHEN YOU COMIN TO ATL KS?!



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  1. valeriamontoyaaidz

    Great album off Kid Sister Ultraviolet you can get the download for free at

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