New Year…New Stuff

Goodbye 2009 and welcome in the New Year of 2010! I think this is our (the class of 2010) moment to shine. Being young makes years seem so little and minuscule. Looking back on 2009…I think about all the stupid crap that has happened. I could go on for days and depress you or probably be put into a mental hospital myself, about eff’d up things, people, situations, and topics that have inflicted me & the loved ones around me.  So on a positive note, im going to be a bigger person… Im looking toward the future with a smile because all you really have is today and hopefully the days after that.

So I want to raise a glass early (filled with Sprite of course b/c alcohol is disgusting to me) to all of the good times and joy that will come for the future. To all my future baby mama’s and daddies! The child support check is in the mail. Promise. =]


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  1. AHHHHHH! Babygirl I’ve been ridin with you [& Kayla & Jazz] for a few years now & i’m just letting you know that I’ma forever in yalls life. 2010 ain’t read to handle us! CHYEAHHH!

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