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All my TwiFans may shun me forever for this, but I absolutely adore this show! It’s so much better than Twilight in my eyes. More gore. More story lines. More sex! It’s everything you can ask for in a show! Now I would hate to break down the show to you because I do it no justice. If you have Comcast(which is the best), they have season 1 and 2 OnDemand. It is like crack once you watch it with an open mind (CHELSEA!). It deals with all supernatural creatures. Vamps, shapeshifters, mythical gods, wares. The Works man! And the wares apparently come in season 3 (which premieres JUNE 13!). There are books also and they came out BEFORE the Twilight series for those of you that think True Blood is a knock off Twilight.  IT’S NOT!

So before the new season came out, I decided to recap and I picked today! I been watch 6 hours of True Blood nonstop and wound up getting my mom hooked. Poor lady didn’t even see it coming (Once again, DON’T TRY METH KIDS!). Now all I have to do is get her on Twilight and we’ll be vamp homies! LOL.

But anyways, tell me which one you like better. I’d love to know.

Lots of Love and Smooches,




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hot chicks. fast cars.


Sorry for the long over-due post…If this was a library book I would have hella fees to pay and the librarians would be very angry with me. =|

Im here to share with everybody my latest obsessions…HOT CHICKS & FAST CARS. I was thinking about making it a reoccurring post because you can never get enough of both!

Cars have recently come to my attention due to the fact that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the Fast & Furious series. I like the way each movie is tied in with one another but each has its own sparkle. Even though i have yet to see Tokyo Drift (which im not too keen on seeing because of bad reviews) im a big fan… especially of the short movie Los Bandoleros, which ties the first movie with the forth.

Anyways enough of me rambling…lets get on to the hot sexy ladies….& the girls posing in front of them!

she aint cute but she's sitting in front of my DREAM CAR!

who can forgot Megan Fox bending over the Chevy Camaro??

and Angelina hanging off of the viper in wanted?!

welp…me & JupJup are back & ready to get this blog in gear again. I will also be posting the latest Twi-News because its about to hit June & EVERYBODY knows what comes out in June….. =]

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Like a zombie, I want yo brains girl!

So there was this kid named James Roger’s in high school and he was trying to rap in class, that was one of his lines. Thank God I’m out of that place. 4 years of pure hell is all I can say.

So it’s FRIDAY night and I have nothing to do. According to all my friend’s FB statuses/tweets, they are all too fucking depress to go out. Please believe if I had my licence, me and HighYellow would be somewhere painting the town bloody red.

In my boredom and curiosity, I made a tumblr (links will be on the side). That is a prime example of how curiosity can turn into addiction (Don’t try meth kids!). I just started and already have 16 post! WTF! Most of which are things I would have posted on another blog, but felt like it would be too many post with too little words. So I have officially dubbed tumblr the twitter of the blog world. Only difference is that it doesn’t have to be 140 characters or less.

So since I’ve been gone (i apologize again!), a lot has changed. Less drama, more fun. Older. Not mature yet. I guess you’ll see by the post to come. I’ll try to post every other day. I have no clue what that Yellow girl’s schedule will be. You’ll have to take that up with her.

Lots of Love and Big Titties,


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From Jup, With Love.

I promise you guys! Me & HighYellow are NOT dead! For real this time. We just graduated high school (YAY US!), so we have so much more time on our hands. We have alot of goodies coming for you guys! I promise. We’re so sorry we’ve been so louse and worthless, but we’re back now.

From Jup & HighYellow, With Love 😉

Besos! 😉

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