All my TwiFans may shun me forever for this, but I absolutely adore this show! It’s so much better than Twilight in my eyes. More gore. More story lines. More sex! It’s everything you can ask for in a show! Now I would hate to break down the show to you because I do it no justice. If you have Comcast(which is the best), they have season 1 and 2 OnDemand. It is like crack once you watch it with an open mind (CHELSEA!). It deals with all supernatural creatures. Vamps, shapeshifters, mythical gods, wares. The Works man! And the wares apparently come in season 3 (which premieres JUNE 13!). There are books also and they came out BEFORE the Twilight series for those of you that think True Blood is a knock off Twilight.  IT’S NOT!

So before the new season came out, I decided to recap and I picked today! I been watch 6 hours of True Blood nonstop and wound up getting my mom hooked. Poor lady didn’t even see it coming (Once again, DON’T TRY METH KIDS!). Now all I have to do is get her on Twilight and we’ll be vamp homies! LOL.

But anyways, tell me which one you like better. I’d love to know.

Lots of Love and Smooches,




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2 responses to “VILF!

  1. misshighyellow

    hahaha. im still not watching it. i tried once…prolly never gonna happen again since im super behind. i’ll just stick to my twilight ma’am. =]

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