Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami

The show should be called “Kourtney Wants To Steal The Show While She Fights With All Her Sisters”. =/ I actually adore this show and take 30 minutes of my every Sunday reserved to sit in front of the TV and watch this family.

This season we’re introduced to a new personality Mason Dash Disick. I really think little Masson is a cutie! He looks so much like Rob and Daddy Dash…which I am thrilled about. Thank You for strong Armenian genes…if he  looked like Scott I would just be pissed about it.

I think this last episode coming up is just gonna be drama but nothing gets solved… Kourtney doesn’t break up Scott. smh. I think Khole was right about Scott getting Kourtney pregnant just to trap her with him FOREVER! I really don’t think Scott is a good guy for Kourt. She can do so much better. He’s an alcoholic douche who stays out all night just partying. Hello!!!! You have a son who you need to take care of instead of acting like a college student who doesn’t know any better. =/

Anyways I hope you all tune in next Sunday…I know I will. =]


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