Things I don’t understand about people: Race & Love.

I am absolutely in love with love. Whether is platonic or romantic, an object, person, or animal, I think it is so healthy to just love. All my life, I saw myself getting married to a beautiful man with a wonderful spirit that I was absolutely consumed in and in love with eternally. I never mentioned race or religion. Which brings me to my point.

I know everyone knows a person that has said, “I wanna marry a woman/man that is (inset race here)” and it’s a very popular statement in the black community. If you are reading this and know of other people of other races that have said this, let me know, just out of curiosity. I understand having a preference and that is perfectly fine, but why is it that most people that say this make it sound like a goal or something to accomplish? I personally feel bad for the people they marry because it seems like the main reason they married that person was their race. I don’t think race should be on the agenda when looking for love.

This has been something on my mind since I was in like middle school because that was when I first heard the comment. Some people would said they want to marry outside of their race so their kids can have “good hair”. -_- For those of you that don’t know, my hair is natural. I got relaxers from when I was 14-17, so I bought into the whole good hair/bad hair thing at one point. But once I started educating myself on naturally black hair, I realized not only is straight and loosely curled hair is beautiful, but lightly coiled hair is just as beautiful. So I think there may be a level of self-hate going on with those people also and it really breaks my heart.

Bottom line, with this issue, I’m one confused puppy. When it comes to love, I think the issue should be how well you and the person click on many different levels.  If all you’re looking for is a arm piece or a racial trophy, you should really rethink who you are. People who don’t love themselves first can’t love anyone, no matter what race. Like I said before, I love love. I love seeing 2 people together, in love, regardless of race. I just want it to be for the correct reasons.

Leave a comment telling me how you feel. If you’re offended, tell me. I want to know how other people feel on this issue.

xoxo, Jupiter.


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One response to “Things I don’t understand about people: Race & Love.

  1. Thank you , Written like a Pro! I really feel the same. I have heard the comments as well.And seen people follow through with, and never seen so much unhappiness between people. Yes , I am in Love with Love as well! Regardless of race . Love has know boundaries or limitations . Like I have heard so many times .Love is a blind eye to the Heart !! Thank you again ..

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