I Have Been Sucked Into The Madness

So I borrowed someone’s first season of True Blood just to give it a try because I have an open mind to new things. Jupiter comes over and we’re sitting for HOURS watching True Blood…I laugh, I freak out, I ask TOO MANY questions, and BAAM…I’m liking True Blood. I really like the story line and the plot. Mystery’s really have special place in my heart.  I’m the type of person to see something through to the end..and I did. I stayed up super late watching damn True Blood to see what happens…and when i mean late, I mean the sun is coming up late.

Over the course of 3 days, I have watched two season of True Blood plus some of season 3… 27 episodes, each an hour long. I did my math and that’s 27 hours of my life i have dedicated to this damn show. I have a real love/hate relationship with it though. The fangs are on the wrong teeth which really pisses me off, I hate the way Bill says Sookie’s name, and other aspects that I do not want to discuss because I don’t want to spoil you fans out there who aren’t caught up like me.

One of my favorite characters is Pam. She is a BAMF. She is the HBIC. And she’s hot. Even though she’s older…she’s still gorgeous. Reminds me of Angelina Jolie.

I think the only real reason I’m watching it is because Twilight isn’t hyped up anymore and I have to wait a long while for the next movie to come out. But I’ll have you know that come October/November I will be on Harry Potter’s nuts, reading the books and watching the movies. =]


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