Jasmine & Chelsea are allll about:

fashion, music, twilight, texting, bloging[duh!], facebook, twitter, animal rights, gay rights, harry potter[mostly chelsea], having a good time, shopping & spending the least amount of moneys, thrift stores, dresses, make-up, pretty stuff, shiny things, chunky rings, bracelets,  earrings, technology, good movies, JOHNNY FREAKIN DEPP! yo!,  drake before he got signed[like comback season drake], amy winehouse, photography, south park, city living, the indie scene, kara, kesh, pro nails![that might become a page lol], sneakers, sandals, heels, graphics, happy nappy living, doodling, forever 21, leggings, & red lipstick


Jupiter’s Blog || Jupiter’s Twitter

MissHighYellow’s Blog || MissHighYellow’s Twitter


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