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hey there. the name is JUP.JUP. hood chick from the burbs. the kid JQ took my heart and ran with it. luckily i took his and ran in the opposite direction. my family is my rock. yesterday is the least of my worries. laughter is THE drug of choice. creativity keeps me sane. aladdin, please marry me. twilight freak? guilty. dork? yes, ma'am. give a fuck? i'll pass.

The Greatness that is J*Davey

Once in a blue moon, an artist comes out and is just amazing. Well, in this case, we got 2. Miss Jack Davey and Brook D’Leau make up the group J*Davey. As you all know, I love music and finding new artist and all that good stuff. When I first heard J*Davey, I was like gasping for air, clenching the sheets, curling my toes with the eargasm I was enduring. I listen to good music all the time, but it’s rare to hear music that is everything you wanna hear. Most artist have something missing, but these fuckers have the perfect combo of soul and funk that makes my heart go pitter patter. It’s something in Jack’s voice that is like sex to me. It’s beautiful and nasty and rough and smooth all at the same time. AH! Let me stop swooning.

click the picture to listen and/or download

Their new EP, Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes, dropped February 21 and me being all wrapped up in life, it went right over my head. I woke up this morning and was like “Jup, get you shit together and listen to it!” So I did and OMG, can you have 5 song more perfect than these? You can’t. It’s perfect music in my eyes.


You know what sucks?! They are coming to Atlanta March 30 and guess where I’ll be….bootcamp. 😦 Ya’ll should go for me! If I get stationed on the west coast, maybe I’ll get lucky out there. Welp, I think this swoon-fest has been drawn out long enough. I’ll ttyl!

xoxo, Jup.


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Jupiter’s update.


I’m totally kidding guys! I’d prolly kill myself if I wrote like that. And to believe, a couple years ago, that shit was cute. Ugh. ANYWAYS! How have you guys been?! Good I hope. Me? Well, I’ve been finding my way. Currently employed and so happy about it! I’m also enlisting in the Navy *crosses fingers*! Financial aid at my school was…eh. Another story for another post. But this is my decision and I’m sticking to it!  Ummm, what else….OH! I’ve been losing friends left and right! Can you believe that?! Little ol’ me, riffling feathers from here to there. I guess that’s what comes with after high school life. The Capricorn in me is starting to show. Reality > Fantasy. Tell it like it is.  If someone gets hurt…OH WELL. Not my problem buddy. I look at it like making space for the great new people to come. But we off that! So yeah! That’s really it! Tell me what’s up with you guys! How’s life? Who ya dating? If you’re not dating, who’s on the roster?! Just fill me in!

xoxo Jup.

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I hate the music industry! ARRGH! [Super Rant]


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Small Update. :)

I told you guy about a contest a week or so ago and I never updated yall on it. I’m such a horrible person. :[

But don’t fret! I gotchu today! The Toy Soldier giveaway works like this.

  1. You have to have a Twitter account
  2. You have to follow @toysldrs

On twitter, you have to put #tys in your tweet and at random, someone will be chosen. You can put it in as many tweets as you want (more tweets, better chances).  At 10pm, they will choose and announce who won for that day. It started yesterday and is going through FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd!

Sounds pretty easy, right! Well jump on board! Follow them! #TYS everyone! Do it!

In other new

I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I’m going to school to be a graphic designer. It’s my passion. Unfortunately I haven’t designed in MONTHS! So last night/early as fuck this morning, I kinda freestyled some shit. Tell me what you think in a a comment or twitter! However you get to me.

So yeah, a post should be coming in a day or two…maybe even today…but I high doubt that. I just wanna take time out to tell you guys a appreciate the love and support. Broke & Nameless would be nothing without you.

xoxo, Jup.

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So I just caught wind that our friends over at Toy Soldiers are doing a FREE T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY! Y’all know we broke, so nothing is better than free stuff! So you can read more about it here and just keep your eyes and ears peeled for it. I would have more to say, but I gotta hop off this computer and watch the Real World. There will be a later post about the company and what they are all about.  I’ll give y’all more info as I find out or you can go straight to the source on twitter @ToySoldiersShop.

xoxo, Jup! 🙂

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Wale “More About Nothing” Mixtape.

(Click Here to download More About Nothing)

Today has been so shitty. Parents tripping about me not being serious about finding a job, but when I try to go out and find a job, they act a ass about me not being serious about finding a job! WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY WANT?! Ugggh! So in order to calm me nerves (which are on edge), I decide to blast music. I listened to the Wale mixtape for the first time yesterday morning.  I liked it alot. So I though this would be the perfect mixtape to listen while I calm down. I WAS RIGHT! It’s so good! The name plays off one of his older mixtapes ‘The Mixtape About Nothing’. Shit fye.

Favorite Songs

The MC, The Breakup Song, The Breeze, The Friend Stranger, The Trip Downtown, The Ambitious Girl, & The Manipulation Pt. 2. (not in that order)

I would recommend this mixtape to anybody. Get that shit!

IN OTHER NEW! Most of you know Wiz fell on stage in Boston. Hilarious!

LMFAO!That shit was smooth as hell though. Playas fuck up too! LOL

xoxo Jup.

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Things I don’t understand about people: Race & Love.

I am absolutely in love with love. Whether is platonic or romantic, an object, person, or animal, I think it is so healthy to just love. All my life, I saw myself getting married to a beautiful man with a wonderful spirit that I was absolutely consumed in and in love with eternally. I never mentioned race or religion. Which brings me to my point.

I know everyone knows a person that has said, “I wanna marry a woman/man that is (inset race here)” and it’s a very popular statement in the black community. If you are reading this and know of other people of other races that have said this, let me know, just out of curiosity. I understand having a preference and that is perfectly fine, but why is it that most people that say this make it sound like a goal or something to accomplish? I personally feel bad for the people they marry because it seems like the main reason they married that person was their race. I don’t think race should be on the agenda when looking for love.

This has been something on my mind since I was in like middle school because that was when I first heard the comment. Some people would said they want to marry outside of their race so their kids can have “good hair”. -_- For those of you that don’t know, my hair is natural. I got relaxers from when I was 14-17, so I bought into the whole good hair/bad hair thing at one point. But once I started educating myself on naturally black hair, I realized not only is straight and loosely curled hair is beautiful, but lightly coiled hair is just as beautiful. So I think there may be a level of self-hate going on with those people also and it really breaks my heart.

Bottom line, with this issue, I’m one confused puppy. When it comes to love, I think the issue should be how well you and the person click on many different levels.  If all you’re looking for is a arm piece or a racial trophy, you should really rethink who you are. People who don’t love themselves first can’t love anyone, no matter what race. Like I said before, I love love. I love seeing 2 people together, in love, regardless of race. I just want it to be for the correct reasons.

Leave a comment telling me how you feel. If you’re offended, tell me. I want to know how other people feel on this issue.

xoxo, Jupiter.

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