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The Lazy Man’s Update: VLOG

Im too lazy to type so this is probably the only written words you’ll get from me today. Sorry I sound so bored in the vid. I’m not having the best day. lol. Watch the video and I will be back with more than just a boring update.



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Everyone’s After Something: Takers Review

*SPOILER ALERT!* If you want to see it, don’t read on. If you don’t…continue! 🙂

So let me start by saying:


Groupie moment over. This was a very sexy movie! From the men, to the scenery, right down to the rides, it was just amazing! If you are going off of the trailers, you will be misled. It does the movie NO justice! I wasn’t going to see it, but luckily I did.

The plot of the movie was pretty much a group of SUPER HOTTIES coming together to pull off heist and TAKE as much money as possible. We (as in me and High Yeller) got there a bit late, but from what we saw in the beginning started with a big bang! There was guns, mask, and a helicopters blowing up! Hard-fucking-core!

It went on to pretty much set up the background stories of all the characters which tied the story together. G (Idris Elba) was the leader of the pack. Him and T.I.’s character, Ghost, put the team together. He also had a crackhead sister and all he wanted to do was take her back to the Caribbean. Ghost (T.I.) was locked up from a job they did in 2004 and he was told to lose contact with all the guys. Jake (Micheal Ealy) and Jesse (Chris Brown) were bothers. A.J. (Hayden Christensen) was an Ivy League frat boy turned bad boy. John (Paul Walker) was the look out guy. Rachael (Zoe Saldana) was Jake’s fiancee and Ghost ex-girl (DRAMA!).

Ghost get out of jail with a job for millions and millions of dollars and though they had reservations, they went with it. Little did they know he was in with the Russians. So they set it all up get it all planned out and it barely gets pulled off. They get the cash and that’s when shit hits the fan! Police chase when Jesse is jumping running on cars and off building. Cool shit.

At the end, it turned into some real Set It Off shit. Everyone gets plucked off one by one. Hayden is the first to go. I was surprised High Yellow didn’t shed a tear, but he went out like a G so there were no tears to be shed (in the words of Chels). Then Chris and Michael were the next to go. Then it got to T.I. and  Idris. T.I. had to go! It was only Paul and Idris left….and his crackhead sister!

What the significance of the crackhead making it out….I will never know!

But all in all, the movie was waaaaay better than we thought it would be. Now if you will, excuse me while I come up with a scheme to rob a bank and make millions! We’re taking resumes. 😉

xoxo, Jup and High Yeller.

P.S. OH YEAH! Broke and Nameless officially has a twitter. Follow us! @BrokeNameless

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It’s Benji Baby!

Networking on Twitter is fun and useful if you want to get your name out there and to meet interesting people.  I met an upcoming artist called Benji coming out from the Brooklyn, New York area.  I listened to his song called “My New Chick” and I’m really feeling it…all I need is a smooth beat and wonderful words and I’m in la la land. =]

Go listen to his song “My New Girl” over —> HERE.

So go download his mixtape called “I Think I Made It” over –> HERE.

Add him on Twitter:

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With crap that has been happening in my personal life, I just wanna take time out to say thank you and I love you to my best friend Jasmine aka Jupiter. She also runs this blog if you aint know. lol.

We’ve been running together as best buds for 7 years and I plan on adding more notches to my belt of years to that. I constantly think of the future and what it’s going to bring me and you…and how someday we have to go our seperate ways…but we’ll be reunited fasho!  So to celebrate the time we have had together, here is a post dedicated to our friendship….represented in pictures because words and me dont mix all too well, unless it’s a fictional story. All of these pictures bring back so many memories. Even tho my memory is crap, I am going say something about each of them. lol =]

this one was during her little brother’s football practice the summer before sophomore year in high school. we sat out in the bleachers for hours taking pictures and just chilling. i remember drawing and writing stupid stuff in one of her notebooks. also…what happened to your Harajuku Lovers necklace? =]

I’m very bad with dates but i want to say this was just after school let out freshman year, I remember because my camera was acting bootleg/janky and didn’t wanna take a decent picture. but this one came out perfecto!

This was sometime sophomore year, after we went to Lenox with my sister and walked around looking at all the gay men there, we came home and took pictures, as usual!

Sophomore year again during spirit week and it was Decade day, we both hit everyone up with a lil 80’s style. =]

This was taken during my 16th birthday party, which was amazing by the way! We had too much fun! We had that chocolate cake and Publix Premium Ice Cream!

This was during the summer after junior year, right after MJ died. =[ we were at my house playing his records and having fun. I was lurking you in this pic. =] The streets is watching girl!

On my 18th bday, went to go get my tongue pierced, movies, and hooters with friends and family. The pretty Hooters girls even sang for me.  Simple things like that make me happy. =]

At Jups’s 18th bday shin-dig. It was a great night with gooood food. lol I’ma effing giant compared to her. bleeh!

And last but not least…promoting out blog of course!! we hold out B’s proudly cuz we broke phi broke! lol

There we sooooo many pictures that i had to choose from but i chose just a few that i thought were cute and that are worth remembering because they were all good times. I want all our readers to know that we cherish our friendship to the max and if you have someone that is important in your life wheather it be your mom, dad, friend, or pet rock don’t ever turn your back on them and love them with all your heart. Sappy, i know but eff it…it’s the damn truth that people should listen to.  So from 1/2 of the B&N crew (do i include kayla too? that girl only wrote like 2 posts…lol.) our friendship will never die. the end.


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I Have Been Sucked Into The Madness

So I borrowed someone’s first season of True Blood just to give it a try because I have an open mind to new things. Jupiter comes over and we’re sitting for HOURS watching True Blood…I laugh, I freak out, I ask TOO MANY questions, and BAAM…I’m liking True Blood. I really like the story line and the plot. Mystery’s really have special place in my heart.  I’m the type of person to see something through to the end..and I did. I stayed up super late watching damn True Blood to see what happens…and when i mean late, I mean the sun is coming up late.

Over the course of 3 days, I have watched two season of True Blood plus some of season 3… 27 episodes, each an hour long. I did my math and that’s 27 hours of my life i have dedicated to this damn show. I have a real love/hate relationship with it though. The fangs are on the wrong teeth which really pisses me off, I hate the way Bill says Sookie’s name, and other aspects that I do not want to discuss because I don’t want to spoil you fans out there who aren’t caught up like me.

One of my favorite characters is Pam. She is a BAMF. She is the HBIC. And she’s hot. Even though she’s older…she’s still gorgeous. Reminds me of Angelina Jolie.

I think the only real reason I’m watching it is because Twilight isn’t hyped up anymore and I have to wait a long while for the next movie to come out. But I’ll have you know that come October/November I will be on Harry Potter’s nuts, reading the books and watching the movies. =]

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TV. smh.

So the first episode of Bad Girls Club went off with a bing bang! I already pulled into the ratchetness of these 7 crazy catty girls. I’m also surprised that the house split so quickly. And i have one daring question….why does Morgan look so old? (ew.)

I find is super sad that my life has to resort to THIS for entertainment…but it is what it is. 3 out of 7 nights of my week are set aside to watch a TV show that I keep up with regularly.  When I’m sitting in front of the TV, I know I am totally submerged into the show…but afterward I really do think about deep stuff. I ask myself questions like “Why to I submit myself to watch this mindless bull crap to keep myself entertained?” or “What am I doing to myself….i feel dumber already…” But at the end of the day…why not sit back and let yourself go into other peoples lives or into a fictional world just to release from your own stressful life? I think everyone deserves a little time of release…and it comes in many different forms. Maybe you like to sit down and read a book or you like to play a hardcore video game. So I everyone out there…take some time to do something that makes you happy and takes away from your own problems or personal strife.

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Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami

The show should be called “Kourtney Wants To Steal The Show While She Fights With All Her Sisters”. =/ I actually adore this show and take 30 minutes of my every Sunday reserved to sit in front of the TV and watch this family.

This season we’re introduced to a new personality Mason Dash Disick. I really think little Masson is a cutie! He looks so much like Rob and Daddy Dash…which I am thrilled about. Thank You for strong Armenian genes…if he  looked like Scott I would just be pissed about it.

I think this last episode coming up is just gonna be drama but nothing gets solved… Kourtney doesn’t break up Scott. smh. I think Khole was right about Scott getting Kourtney pregnant just to trap her with him FOREVER! I really don’t think Scott is a good guy for Kourt. She can do so much better. He’s an alcoholic douche who stays out all night just partying. Hello!!!! You have a son who you need to take care of instead of acting like a college student who doesn’t know any better. =/

Anyways I hope you all tune in next Sunday…I know I will. =]

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