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Small Update. :)

I told you guy about a contest a week or so ago and I never updated yall on it. I’m such a horrible person. :[

But don’t fret! I gotchu today! The Toy Soldier giveaway works like this.

  1. You have to have a Twitter account
  2. You have to follow @toysldrs

On twitter, you have to put #tys in your tweet and at random, someone will be chosen. You can put it in as many tweets as you want (more tweets, better chances).  At 10pm, they will choose and announce who won for that day. It started yesterday and is going through FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd!

Sounds pretty easy, right! Well jump on board! Follow them! #TYS everyone! Do it!

In other new

I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I’m going to school to be a graphic designer. It’s my passion. Unfortunately I haven’t designed in MONTHS! So last night/early as fuck this morning, I kinda freestyled some shit. Tell me what you think in a a comment or twitter! However you get to me.

So yeah, a post should be coming in a day or two…maybe even today…but I high doubt that. I just wanna take time out to tell you guys a appreciate the love and support. Broke & Nameless would be nothing without you.

xoxo, Jup.

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So I just caught wind that our friends over at Toy Soldiers are doing a FREE T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY! Y’all know we broke, so nothing is better than free stuff! So you can read more about it here and just keep your eyes and ears peeled for it. I would have more to say, but I gotta hop off this computer and watch the Real World. There will be a later post about the company and what they are all about.  I’ll give y’all more info as I find out or you can go straight to the source on twitter @ToySoldiersShop.

xoxo, Jup! 🙂

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My kind of shoe.

My kind of nails.


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Jizz in my Skirt.


For the love of God…PLEASE tell me these are not real. Tell me they are a fragment of my imagination so I can stop jizzing! I may not be able to walk in heels (being flat footed really holds me back at time), but I will buy them & hang them on my wall!

The Top Shop just came out with new shoes & these brightened up my day! Maybe I’ll post more shoes in Graphics. I’m leaving anatomy class now! TTYL!



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Vintage Glam Never Dies

MissHighYellow here to put everyone on to a new fashion/style/artsy “expert”! And no I’m not talking about lame Rachel Zoe.


[sorry….she is just not all that good to me]


Im talking about the infamous Vintage Vandal… Miss Jasmin Rodriquez! She’s more than a woman…she’s an exhibitionist, rebel, and defies anything that has to do with the word “normal”. lol


Her exotic looks caught my eye, and then seeing her haul posts on her blog… got me hooked! oh and she’s a total babe!! She’s not snobby and uptight, like some wanna-be-famous people.


Her art work is to die for! She deserves to be recognize in every household.

so if you already haven’t, check her out…it will be worth your time.

Vintage Vandalizm Blog

VV Twitter


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So as most of you know, I LOVE Keri Hilson! She is like a MEGA BEAST! People say she’s cocky, but she has more than enough reason! She’s been writing music for a LONG time & now is her time. Period.

But she is gracing the pages of the August/September issue Complex magazine. Here are some pictures.





AH! She’s BEAST bruh! LOL.



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DIY: ankle boots!

MissHighYellow here to give everyone a sorta of tutorial on some shoes of mine. i was going thru my closet picking around at things, creative ideas rushing thru my mind.

I picked up an old pair of black boots, which i’ve only worn once since i got them years ago! i was about to send them off to the Salvation Army but *click*…an idea popped in my brain.


I thought….i dont have a pair of black ankle boots….so why dont i just make a pair.


so taking my handy dandy scissors i went cutting away.


i noticed when i put the booties on, the zipper came right off!! big problem there…..


so i will take some safety pins and just pin em together like that’s how their suppose to be….a little ghetto but i gotta make it work.



i hope i have inspired some of you to look thru your closet and see what you can salvage out of old, unused shoes or clothes.




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