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Everyone’s After Something: Takers Review

*SPOILER ALERT!* If you want to see it, don’t read on. If you don’t…continue! 🙂

So let me start by saying:


Groupie moment over. This was a very sexy movie! From the men, to the scenery, right down to the rides, it was just amazing! If you are going off of the trailers, you will be misled. It does the movie NO justice! I wasn’t going to see it, but luckily I did.

The plot of the movie was pretty much a group of SUPER HOTTIES coming together to pull off heist and TAKE as much money as possible. We (as in me and High Yeller) got there a bit late, but from what we saw in the beginning started with a big bang! There was guns, mask, and a helicopters blowing up! Hard-fucking-core!

It went on to pretty much set up the background stories of all the characters which tied the story together. G (Idris Elba) was the leader of the pack. Him and T.I.’s character, Ghost, put the team together. He also had a crackhead sister and all he wanted to do was take her back to the Caribbean. Ghost (T.I.) was locked up from a job they did in 2004 and he was told to lose contact with all the guys. Jake (Micheal Ealy) and Jesse (Chris Brown) were bothers. A.J. (Hayden Christensen) was an Ivy League frat boy turned bad boy. John (Paul Walker) was the look out guy. Rachael (Zoe Saldana) was Jake’s fiancee and Ghost ex-girl (DRAMA!).

Ghost get out of jail with a job for millions and millions of dollars and though they had reservations, they went with it. Little did they know he was in with the Russians. So they set it all up get it all planned out and it barely gets pulled off. They get the cash and that’s when shit hits the fan! Police chase when Jesse is jumping running on cars and off building. Cool shit.

At the end, it turned into some real Set It Off shit. Everyone gets plucked off one by one. Hayden is the first to go. I was surprised High Yellow didn’t shed a tear, but he went out like a G so there were no tears to be shed (in the words of Chels). Then Chris and Michael were the next to go. Then it got to T.I. and  Idris. T.I. had to go! It was only Paul and Idris left….and his crackhead sister!

What the significance of the crackhead making it out….I will never know!

But all in all, the movie was waaaaay better than we thought it would be. Now if you will, excuse me while I come up with a scheme to rob a bank and make millions! We’re taking resumes. 😉

xoxo, Jup and High Yeller.

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Eclipse Update

Since today is officially the start what i call “Eclipse Month” I will give you some goodies such as clips, pictures, etc. from the new movie. =]

*IMPORTANT DATE: Don’t forget to check out the MTV Movie Awards on June 6th. Rob, Kristen, & Taylor are going to present an unseen clip from Eclipse.

Movie still of Embry & Quil. ah!!

Toys R Us are selling merchandise from the movie...i have to get one!

beautiful image of Alice Cullen from the director David Slade

This was tooo hilarious not to post!

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TayLaut can beast at ANYTHING!

just watch these videos….enough proof?

[good part starts @ 6:00 mark]

[starts @ 1:55]

[sowwie about this bootleg video.  i couldnt find a better one]

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Movie Seers Anonymous


I really need to join a special group for people who watch too many movies.

In one day I probably watched 4 movies total. That’s probably 1hour 30minutes per movies which totals up to 6 hours of my life dedicated to staring at a tv/computer screen. It’s really sad when you think about it. No social life at all for poor little Chelsea. LOL!

Anyways…Im here to announce some movies i cannot wait for!!

Where The Wild Things Are– I saw the trailer in the movies when i went to see Harry Potter. I couldn’t stop smiling and remembering childhood [*tear*]

New Moon– who isn’t ready for that one. hot sexy Jacob Black on a platter!!

Alice in Wonderland– also another childhood moment. Im gonna be a little kid in the candy store when i see Johnny Depp. Hopefully see it in 3-D so i can see him jumping out at me as the Mad Hatter.

Tell me what movies you guys are uber excited for that you could piss your pants (well…don’t get too happy. if you do just make sure you bring an clean pair of underwear). =]


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(english accent**) Harry Potter!! UPDATED

today myself, JupJup, Kyndra, and Josh are going to see…..



i can tell you that i am excited outta my mind. i spend countless hours re-reading the book to prepare for the excitement! AH! LOL i will be back with an update and review of the movie. promise!!!

but for now i will leave you with the EPIC trailer.


Recently seen the movie….all i have to say is




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