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The Greatness that is J*Davey

Once in a blue moon, an artist comes out and is just amazing. Well, in this case, we got 2. Miss Jack Davey and Brook D’Leau make up the group J*Davey. As you all know, I love music and finding new artist and all that good stuff. When I first heard J*Davey, I was like gasping for air, clenching the sheets, curling my toes with the eargasm I was enduring. I listen to good music all the time, but it’s rare to hear music that is everything you wanna hear. Most artist have something missing, but these fuckers have the perfect combo of soul and funk that makes my heart go pitter patter. It’s something in Jack’s voice that is like sex to me. It’s beautiful and nasty and rough and smooth all at the same time. AH! Let me stop swooning.

click the picture to listen and/or download

Their new EP, Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes, dropped February 21 and me being all wrapped up in life, it went right over my head. I woke up this morning and was like “Jup, get you shit together and listen to it!” So I did and OMG, can you have 5 song more perfect than these? You can’t. It’s perfect music in my eyes.


You know what sucks?! They are coming to Atlanta March 30 and guess where I’ll be….bootcamp. 😦 Ya’ll should go for me! If I get stationed on the west coast, maybe I’ll get lucky out there. Welp, I think this swoon-fest has been drawn out long enough. I’ll ttyl!

xoxo, Jup.


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Music Shxt: Kid Sister – Big N’ Bad

Us chickenheads at B&N looooove Kid Sister! She’s my favorite female rapper. Why you ask? Because she’s a LADY! You don’t have to be a hooker to be a female in the rap game.  *cough*Nicki!*cough* Supporting GOOD music is what I do best!

You can buy Ultraviolet on iTunes NOW! Do it!

xoxo, Jup. 🙂

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Quite The Contrary! & other NRK News

Jupiter’s Music Corner!

So here we are again with another Jupiter’s Music Corner!. I’m your host, Jupiter


Anyway, before i forget what I came here for! LOL. My homie, JQ, is an AMAZING artist! He just dropped an EP, not mixtape, & it is called Quite The Contrary.

Front Cover

[the parental advisory is kinda funny] But he is very talented (& he has to be talented because what girl, in her right mind, would compliment her ex! I mean really! LOL) & I think if he doesn’t get signed in the next year or so, something is REALLY wrong with the industry. He’s not bubblegum at all! He’s more like the thanksgiving dinner. Good as fuck & only comes around once in a blue moon! NO ONE in the metropolitan area has anything on his lyrical ability. Battle him. You’ll see! LOL. But pretty much, I say all that to say…


You will NOT regret it. It’s nothing but good music. NRK all day!

DOWNLOAD IT! http://www.zshare.net/download/64280074fb05dfc0/



Goodwill Cover

A good portion of NRK. Proper, Retro, KC, P.Flem. All very awesome guys & very multifaceted!

DOWNLOAD IT! – http://www.zshare.net/download/641

& FINALLY! [for a good laugh]



DISCLAIMER! if you are sensitive to certain topics, like overweight girls, big titties, penis, & cheese, don’t download it!

DOWNLOAD IT!- http://www.zshare.net/download/64196728563de855/

…i think thats all the good music i have to shove down your throat….LOL! yeah, thats all for now. My mission in life is to help rid the world of horrible music. I’m doing that one post at a time! :]

Wanna contact these guys?!

Twitters – THEY ARE ALWAYS ON TWITTER!!! …besides P.Flem

JQ: http://twitter.com/JQTheDamnKid

Proper: http://twitter.com/donellproper

KC 2.0: http://twitter.com/KC2pointOH

P.Flem: http://twitter.com/pflem23

Retro: http://twitter.com/TheRetropunk


JQ: http://jqthekid.blogspot.com/

NRK: http://nobodyreallyknows.tumblr.com/

MySpace HOE!

JQ: http://www.myspace.com/jqthekid

The Bandits: http://www.myspace.com/thebanditsnr


….well, i think you need to ask them for those. LOL


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Inside My Backpack.

Jupiter’s Music Spotlight!

So E Dot Spencer. Eazy E Dot. Mr. Dot. YoungDotta. 1/4 of Jx3azy Dot LOL.

I met this kid though my ex a couple months ago. I just knew him as the kid that produced “Fall Down On Me” & i thought he was a SICK producer [& he is LOL]. So once MJ died, I found out he was a HUGE MJ fan, so he had already won my heart! We’d have some of the most amazingly crazy crowded twitter conversation with everyone that followed us & that we followed! LOL. Fun times. LOL. So maybe 2 weeks ago, I found out about his mixtape! OMG! i was super excited because I has only heard him rap on about 4 songs so to hear a WHOLE mixtape got me really excited. LOL. So it dropped at 12 o’clock today & I am currently listening to it! LOL.


Front Cover

Click here to download it.




This is my homie & he is TRUELY talented. Download the mixtape!

I’m proud of you boy! 🙂


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Jupiter’s Music Spotlight!

big sean

Big Sean

Up until a month or 2 ago, if you would have said “U KNOW BIG SEAN?” to me, I would have been like….UM NO! And before I actually saw him, I thought he was a big guy. But my WHOLE perception of him was all wrong from the beginning lol. So after I got pressured to download his mixtape, I was like let me give this guy a try. From that point til now, I’ve been hooked. One of the reasons I went to the Indie Music Festival a couple weeks ago was to see him, but he wasn’t even booked for it. that sucked. I feel for him like i felt for drake when he came out with comeback season. it was just undeniable talent you can’t turn your ear away from or sleep on. So for a little bio: he’s 21. He’s from Detroit. He was discovered by Kanye & signed to G.O.O.D. Music. He has 2 mixtapes. Finally Famous & UKNOWBIGSEAN [click the links to get them.].

Twitter – @Big_Sean


Big Sean Blog

& he’ll talk to you on twitter. i have proof..

hey1AYE!! :]

so yeah, give big sean a listen. you won’t regret it! :]


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