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Jupiter’s update.


I’m totally kidding guys! I’d prolly kill myself if I wrote like that. And to believe, a couple years ago, that shit was cute. Ugh. ANYWAYS! How have you guys been?! Good I hope. Me? Well, I’ve been finding my way. Currently employed and so happy about it! I’m also enlisting in the Navy *crosses fingers*! Financial aid at my school was…eh. Another story for another post. But this is my decision and I’m sticking to it!  Ummm, what else….OH! I’ve been losing friends left and right! Can you believe that?! Little ol’ me, riffling feathers from here to there. I guess that’s what comes with after high school life. The Capricorn in me is starting to show. Reality > Fantasy. Tell it like it is.  If someone gets hurt…OH WELL. Not my problem buddy. I look at it like making space for the great new people to come. But we off that! So yeah! That’s really it! Tell me what’s up with you guys! How’s life? Who ya dating? If you’re not dating, who’s on the roster?! Just fill me in!

xoxo Jup.


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Like a zombie, I want yo brains girl!

So there was this kid named James Roger’s in high school and he was trying to rap in class, that was one of his lines. Thank God I’m out of that place. 4 years of pure hell is all I can say.

So it’s FRIDAY night and I have nothing to do. According to all my friend’s FB statuses/tweets, they are all too fucking depress to go out. Please believe if I had my licence, me and HighYellow would be somewhere painting the town bloody red.

In my boredom and curiosity, I made a tumblr (links will be on the side). That is a prime example of how curiosity can turn into addiction (Don’t try meth kids!). I just started and already have 16 post! WTF! Most of which are things I would have posted on another blog, but felt like it would be too many post with too little words. So I have officially dubbed tumblr the twitter of the blog world. Only difference is that it doesn’t have to be 140 characters or less.

So since I’ve been gone (i apologize again!), a lot has changed. Less drama, more fun. Older. Not mature yet. I guess you’ll see by the post to come. I’ll try to post every other day. I have no clue what that Yellow girl’s schedule will be. You’ll have to take that up with her.

Lots of Love and Big Titties,


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16 & Pregnant.

Good, informational show or License to let your freak flag fly?


So before actually watching the show, I thought it was the most retarded show that would just be telling girls my age, “GO HAVE SEX! MAYBE YOU CAN LAND ON MTV!”, but in actuality it’s kind of telling you the opposite…at least to me. I watching it for the first time today (as a result of boredom of course) & it was just more motivation to wait before i sexing. This one girl had all her dreams shattered for her baby. She never got to graduate. She couldn’t join the air force. She just sat at home with her baby while her baby daddy went out with his friends. Now that is NOT the life for me. I want to be free. Fend for myself for a while before i even think about have a young Jasmine running around. I personally look at this show as reinforcement (at least for the smart girls with a good head on their shoulders). This shows shows me exactly how I’d end up if i did slip up & got preggo. That’s not the life. If you’re waiting to have sex (like me), stick to your guns and never let them down for anyone. & if you are having sex, from one girl to the next, be careful, strap up & get tested often.

…that’s my PSA for the month lol. Tell me your thoughts on the show. I’d love to hear your stance.

& BAM!

whaa 009

NINJA! he wanted to say hi :]



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