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The Lazy Man’s Update: VLOG

Im too lazy to type so this is probably the only written words you’ll get from me today. Sorry I sound so bored in the vid. I’m not having the best day. lol. Watch the video and I will be back with more than just a boring update.



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Promote Promote Promote!!

Miss Jupiter and myself would just like to ask everyone to promote our blog and get it heard! tell your friends, family, baby mama, and they cousin about us! =]

you don’t know how much it would mean to me and her….we are both two girls that just want to be heard!

please and thankies.

we are also currently working on getting new writers to the blog. =] so be on a look out for that.

here is a little video that happens when u put MissHighYellow in front of a camera for 15 minutes….its been edited down a hell of alot. ENJOY!



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so me and my BFFSSG (best friends forever since sixth grade) Jasmine aka J.Niccz aka Jupiter aka the co writer of this blog HAVE to get this necklace….not ASAP b/c we both broke…but sometime in the future would be nice. =]

imagephpIt’s available at Refinery29 Shops for a whoppin’ $220 bucks! Im sure me and Jup Jup can split the cost of course. But for right now…we got love in our heart that that lets us both know we gonna be friends forever! =]


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Kid Sister…Where Art Thou??

[singing off key**] where OH where has my favorite rapper gone? where Oh where can she beeeee????

KidSister-03-bigWell the last time i seen or heard anything from here was back in May when she did an interview for Shockhound.com. Many of you may know her name from the track “Pro Nails” ft. Kanye West. Recently she hit a huge deal with Reebok doing a remix of the classic “I’ll House You”. I can seriously tell you that it is my jam!!


She knows how to wind it up and juke it slow! Crazy lyrics and a silly personality got me hooked instantly. Her music is addicting and something you can really dance to. And that’s what music is about….to have fun and let go of yourself!

I’m hoping Kid Sis doesn’t become one of those “one hit wonders” or else i will be highly upset and will protest!!!!

[starts to get out her pitch fork]….huh? oh…not yet? we’re not protesting yet? oh!! OKAY! =]

well im signing off with this plea…please find kid sister and bring her home to the stage where she belongs shaking her ass and spittin crazy fast!

[by the way…the reward is a hug and a kiss cause im broke!]


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