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I hate the music industry! ARRGH! [Super Rant]



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It’s Benji Baby!

Networking on Twitter is fun and useful if you want to get your name out there and to meet interesting people.  I met an upcoming artist called Benji coming out from the Brooklyn, New York area.  I listened to his song called “My New Chick” and I’m really feeling it…all I need is a smooth beat and wonderful words and I’m in la la land. =]

Go listen to his song “My New Girl” over —> HERE.

So go download his mixtape called “I Think I Made It” over –> HERE.

Add him on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Its_Benji_Baby

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Wale “More About Nothing” Mixtape.

(Click Here to download More About Nothing)

Today has been so shitty. Parents tripping about me not being serious about finding a job, but when I try to go out and find a job, they act a ass about me not being serious about finding a job! WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY WANT?! Ugggh! So in order to calm me nerves (which are on edge), I decide to blast music. I listened to the Wale mixtape for the first time yesterday morning.  I liked it alot. So I though this would be the perfect mixtape to listen while I calm down. I WAS RIGHT! It’s so good! The name plays off one of his older mixtapes ‘The Mixtape About Nothing’. Shit fye.

Favorite Songs

The MC, The Breakup Song, The Breeze, The Friend Stranger, The Trip Downtown, The Ambitious Girl, & The Manipulation Pt. 2. (not in that order)

I would recommend this mixtape to anybody. Get that shit!

IN OTHER NEW! Most of you know Wiz fell on stage in Boston. Hilarious!

LMFAO!That shit was smooth as hell though. Playas fuck up too! LOL

xoxo Jup.

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My Undying Love for Khalifa.

So I just got deep into listening to Wiz Khalifa and I don’t know why I didn’t start earlier! I first heard about him in 2008 when his song ‘Say Yeah’ came out and I was like ‘Alright, this is cool’ but I was sooo into Drake at this time, I wasn’t really giving anyone a chance (Shame on me). I just stored him in my little safe where I keep artist I’ll get back to.

Fast forward to 2009, he dropped his album ‘Deal Or No Deal’ on iTunes and the single ‘This Plane’ came out. I really liked this song, but like I said before, I was like “Eh, alright, this kid is someone to look out for” and left it at that.

Fast forward again to February 2010….say it with me…Kush & Orange Juice. Oh…My…Gawd! Can you say stoner mixtape? This damn mixtape couldn’t have come out at a better time in hip hop. It was the ONLY good shit out to be totally honest. I don’t necessarily hate mainstream music, but it doesn’t amuse me like it used to. An artist has to really to deliver to tickle this fancy. & Wiz baby, you tickled the hell out my fancy!

Aside from being a phenom rapper, he is extremely hot and seems like a real cool ass dude. I have a thing for rapper (nogroupie). His tattoos would be unacceptable on anyone else *cough* Soulja*cough*Tyga*cough*, but on Wiz , it’s so….cute. I just wanna trace his ink and ask question. And I think it’s so sweet how he’s concerned about marijuana consumption. We don’t smoke blunts yall. Doobies FTW.

But let me stop swooning. I’ll give you what you’re here for. Music and downloads! LOL!

I have hella favorite songs but here’s a few.

“Kid Frankie”

“Studio Lovin'”


“Pedal To The Medal”

So if you don’t have Kush x OJ yet, download it here.

Gosh. How I love this kid.

xoxo, Jup

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Music Shxt: Kid Sister – Big N’ Bad

Us chickenheads at B&N looooove Kid Sister! She’s my favorite female rapper. Why you ask? Because she’s a LADY! You don’t have to be a hooker to be a female in the rap game.  *cough*Nicki!*cough* Supporting GOOD music is what I do best!

You can buy Ultraviolet on iTunes NOW! Do it!

xoxo, Jup. 🙂

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Lady GaGa- Bad Romance

no word needed. just watch.

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Music Junkie.

Music Junkie

All of you know, I am a music/Twilight/all-things-awesome! addict. Well I was in anatomy class today. I HATE that class. Don’t ever take that class if you want to be a graphic designer. It is extra, unnecessary work that probably won’t help me in my career. But that is beside the point. We get done taking notes on cartilage & blood. The class all of a sudden goes QUIET! I’m the type that need SOME type of music if I’m doing busy work. So I’m trying so hard to do my work, enduring the noiseless room. I even went as far as trying to make a rhythm with the strokes of my colored pencil. So once the quiet got unbearable, I put my writing utensil down & just stared into space. I was getting tense. I was like WTF is wrong. Then I looked in my purse & pulled out my iPod to find a song to sing in my head, but that didn’t work. So for about 10 minutes, I just flipped through Twilight (yes, I carry Twilight around in my purse) & tried to come up with a plan to listen to my iPod. None of my plans seemed to end up successfully in my head. Then BAM!, go to the bathroom & listen to it in there. So I get really excited, jump up & wrote out my pass on the way to my teachers desk. I get there. He tells me to just go. It was like he knew what was about to go down! So I get to the bathroom, pull out my iPod, damn-near dig my headphones in my ears, & turned on my first song I say. When the beat dropped, it was like it took all the edge off. I just stood against the bathroom wall, tilted my head back, & listened to 3 songs. I realized class was about to be over, so I reluctently pulled out the plugs & walked back to class. My teacher asked me what took so long. I kinda jumped, them told him i had girly problems. He just dismissed me, waving his hand. I went back to my seat and took a deep breath. More relieved in a way. Then the bell rung.

1187905019Swear that was me in that bathroom.

So I always called myself a music junkie. My friends call me a walking jukebox. But what the hell happened to me today. I think this is the most extreme case. It felt like how, I would think, withdrawal from a drug feels like. It was crazy. I’ve never felt that way before. When I walked back in class, I felt like I did something wrong. And in the BATHROOM! That was the ultimate junkie move man! My iPod was my pipe, the MP3 was the rock, & all together, it is my addiction! I went to the bathroom to get my “fix”. Makes me feel so funny! I need to be in MAA (music addicts anonymous). I’d introduce myself:

Hi. My name is Jasmine Williams & I am a music addict.

I can see it. I think our theme song would be Viva La White Girl by GCH. Like serious!

Shit is crazy bruh. So I thought I”d share this really stressing story with you guys. I really do not know what that whole experience was. I think I’ll do some research. LOL.



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