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Small Update. :)

I told you guy about a contest a week or so ago and I never updated yall on it. I’m such a horrible person. :[

But don’t fret! I gotchu today! The Toy Soldier giveaway works like this.

  1. You have to have a Twitter account
  2. You have to follow @toysldrs

On twitter, you have to put #tys in your tweet and at random, someone will be chosen. You can put it in as many tweets as you want (more tweets, better chances).  At 10pm, they will choose and announce who won for that day. It started yesterday and is going through FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd!

Sounds pretty easy, right! Well jump on board! Follow them! #TYS everyone! Do it!

In other new

I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I’m going to school to be a graphic designer. It’s my passion. Unfortunately I haven’t designed in MONTHS! So last night/early as fuck this morning, I kinda freestyled some shit. Tell me what you think in a a comment or twitter! However you get to me.

So yeah, a post should be coming in a day or two…maybe even today…but I high doubt that. I just wanna take time out to tell you guys a appreciate the love and support. Broke & Nameless would be nothing without you.

xoxo, Jup.

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It’s Benji Baby!

Networking on Twitter is fun and useful if you want to get your name out there and to meet interesting people.  I met an upcoming artist called Benji coming out from the Brooklyn, New York area.  I listened to his song called “My New Chick” and I’m really feeling it…all I need is a smooth beat and wonderful words and I’m in la la land. =]

Go listen to his song “My New Girl” over —> HERE.

So go download his mixtape called “I Think I Made It” over –> HERE.

Add him on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Its_Benji_Baby

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*Editors Note!* This post was not to offend anyone, proclaim my independence, or for attention! I just wrote this to poke fun at my shitty love life. So HAHA, laugh it up! …Now back to out regularly scheduled post!



But LUCKY YOU! I’m here to give you some tips on making it a little bit easier! But let me tell you how I’m an expert on this subject!

I went out with this guy. He’s a friend now. We argued a lot! Just butted heads all the time! NONSTOP! So we decided that being friends was the best choice for us. I think we would have killed each other if we would have been together any longer! LOL! So me & him didn’t talk for maybe a month after that, and BAM! I was over it! It was a beautiful thing. I was Free and single! Something I hadn’t felt in like 6 months (a LONG time for me!). It was just grand! Then maybe a week…or 2 after that, I hooked up with my bestie! He was a great guy & after 5 months…I got bored & broke up with him….then got back with him…then a week later, broke up with him again! Wasn’t that just grand?! LOL! So yeah, I was in the dumps for a while. For maybe a month, I’d say. I cried. Called him (SMART MOVE! =/ ). Just missed the shit outta him. I was a mad woman for him. Then one day…I was magically just over it! It was like a million tons were lifted off my shoulders! I felt liberated! Like I could fly! It’s been a year & some months since I felt like this. It’s been grand! So yeah, during my depression stage, here were some things I did that I think levitated the pain.

1.) Unfollow them!

I KNOW I’m not the only one with a twitter & is sucked into it!  Unfollow your ex (ESPECIALLY someone you fell hard for). The last thing you need to see is all their updated about how their grand their life is without you! My ex….ugh. Every other tweet was fuck you. fuck love. FUCK FUCK FUCK! You don’t need all that negativity! Just unfolllow them & that will be the first step to forgetting about their existence!


2.) Make a break-up playlist on your iPod.

A break-up playlist must consist of male-bashing, revenge, self-esteem lifting, feel good, ghetto, party music! This playlist must be played at all times! When cleaning your room. In the shower. In the car. On the treadmill. On the bus. EVERYWHERE! AT ALL TIMES! These songs will slowly, but surely, get you believe what these songs are saying. The songs says “Ima Let It Go!”, soon enough, you will we chanting “I GONNA LET IT GO!”. The song says “It’s me, myself, & I. That’s all I got in the end”, you’ll be saying “GO BEYONCE! YOU BETTA PREACH”. The song says “BETTA GET THAT RIGHT HAND HI!”, you’ll be saying “I GOT MY HAND UP! I GOT IT HI!”. And so on! My playlist was an essential part to my process!

3.)  Surround yourself with the most supportive friends!

Your friends can get you through anything, IF THEY ARE SUPPORTIVE! That is essential! Hang out with your girlfriends (or guy friends), & had a great time! They will make you forget all about the scumbag you’re trippin over. The last thing a good friend wants you to be is upset! So when you start blabbing about him NONSTOP, she is going to shut you up, remind you of how ugly he is, & BAM! the thought of his has vanished! Just remember, good friends are the key! Also, single friends….or taken friends with a single girl mentality, are the best to be around! They boost you up & you dont have to hear about their relationship the whole time. She’ll just remind you of all the great double dates you guys went on….NOT COOL!

4.) Make his life a living hell!

Now…I know…..this is evil. This is immature. This is just WRONG! But…when you are depressed & going though this crazy time, you just want that person to suffer with you. OH…This will ONLY work if the guy gave a shit about you. If he didn’t, sont even read this & just go on to 5. LOL. But yeah, to make him cringe, you have to act…ACT like nothing is bothering you. Act like the relationship & the break-up never phased you. This will drive him crazy! Like with my ex, whenever I walk up to the any cirle he’s in, he tenses up & bites his lip. His discomfort made me so happy at that time. The break up was sorta fresh, so it was funny then. I’d even go as far as yelling his name, & when he turned yell fuck you & watch his face sink. AH! What a refreshing feeling! LOL *NOTE* This is ONLY for when the break up is fresh! This will get old after maybe a week. So get your suffering out while you can.

5.) Get rid of all the stuff that reminds you of him!

His hoodie. His t-shirt. In my case, his guitar pick. Get rid of it all. It sitting around your room just opens that womb up all over agian. Get rid of it. All I can really say on that one.

6.) Last, but not least, write down your final goodbye.

When your over someone, it’s like a light switch goes off & you suffering, your pain, you romantic feeling for that person flies out the window. Al this point, you are on the outside looking in. Wondering WHY you were so crazy! It’s a funny feeling looking at yourself with a different set of eyes. Your outlook on life changes, well love & yourself. You realize a lot of things about yourself. How weak you were. How strong you are now. You can hold you head up high after a month or so of confusion, hate, & waiting. At this point, you should sit down & write everything you’ve felt, how you feel now, & what you learned to that person. You DO NOT…I repeat….DO NOT have to give it to the person! I didn’t and I probably never will. Writing it down will take all that  stuff off your chest! A flimsy piece if paper can hold a ton. So get it all out…& BAM! It’s all over! You are free to move on from there.

It took me maybe a month & a half to get over it! It maybe shorter or longer for you. Never know. But these are my steps to get over a messy break-up! Just remember it’s all about you. You have to be happy. Do NOTHING for the other person. They dont give two hot shitty babies! Trust me!

Anyways! In other news! I cut all my hair off!


I LOVE IT! Tis cute right! ALL NATURAL! =D

Anyways! That’s it! More updates to come!

OH! I was thinking B&N should start doing a TGIF! So yeah, sent us pics of you throwing up your B’s!





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