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Small Update. :)

I told you guy about a contest a week or so ago and I never updated yall on it. I’m such a horrible person. :[

But don’t fret! I gotchu today! The Toy Soldier giveaway works like this.

  1. You have to have a Twitter account
  2. You have to follow @toysldrs

On twitter, you have to put #tys in your tweet and at random, someone will be chosen. You can put it in as many tweets as you want (more tweets, better chances).  At 10pm, they will choose and announce who won for that day. It started yesterday and is going through FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd!

Sounds pretty easy, right! Well jump on board! Follow them! #TYS everyone! Do it!

In other new

I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I’m going to school to be a graphic designer. It’s my passion. Unfortunately I haven’t designed in MONTHS! So last night/early as fuck this morning, I kinda freestyled some shit. Tell me what you think in a a comment or twitter! However you get to me.

So yeah, a post should be coming in a day or two…maybe even today…but I high doubt that. I just wanna take time out to tell you guys a appreciate the love and support. Broke & Nameless would be nothing without you.

xoxo, Jup.

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My Undying Love for Khalifa.

So I just got deep into listening to Wiz Khalifa and I don’t know why I didn’t start earlier! I first heard about him in 2008 when his song ‘Say Yeah’ came out and I was like ‘Alright, this is cool’ but I was sooo into Drake at this time, I wasn’t really giving anyone a chance (Shame on me). I just stored him in my little safe where I keep artist I’ll get back to.

Fast forward to 2009, he dropped his album ‘Deal Or No Deal’ on iTunes and the single ‘This Plane’ came out. I really liked this song, but like I said before, I was like “Eh, alright, this kid is someone to look out for” and left it at that.

Fast forward again to February 2010….say it with me…Kush & Orange Juice. Oh…My…Gawd! Can you say stoner mixtape? This damn mixtape couldn’t have come out at a better time in hip hop. It was the ONLY good shit out to be totally honest. I don’t necessarily hate mainstream music, but it doesn’t amuse me like it used to. An artist has to really to deliver to tickle this fancy. & Wiz baby, you tickled the hell out my fancy!

Aside from being a phenom rapper, he is extremely hot and seems like a real cool ass dude. I have a thing for rapper (nogroupie). His tattoos would be unacceptable on anyone else *cough* Soulja*cough*Tyga*cough*, but on Wiz , it’s so….cute. I just wanna trace his ink and ask question. And I think it’s so sweet how he’s concerned about marijuana consumption. We don’t smoke blunts yall. Doobies FTW.

But let me stop swooning. I’ll give you what you’re here for. Music and downloads! LOL!

I have hella favorite songs but here’s a few.

“Kid Frankie”

“Studio Lovin'”


“Pedal To The Medal”

So if you don’t have Kush x OJ yet, download it here.

Gosh. How I love this kid.

xoxo, Jup

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