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The Lazy Man’s Update: VLOG

Im too lazy to type so this is probably the only written words you’ll get from me today. Sorry I sound so bored in the vid. I’m not having the best day. lol. Watch the video and I will be back with more than just a boring update.



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Cute guys singing on Youtube!

So lately, all I do is look up homemade hair conditioners & sexy dudes sing on YouTube. Random, right? Well here some of the guys I have fallen in love or fell in love with them in the past & just forgot how GREAT they are.

That was Bluey Robinson. I was absolutely obsessed with him my sophomore year! So sexy.

British accents + dreads = panty dropper!

This is Brandon Hines! The love of my life! He is under Trey Songz, so you know he’s great!

This is Durand! He’s just AWESOME!! He has some of the best view point & he’s passionate about them. I love it! He is also a man of God. Can’t get any better than that bruh! LOL

That’s all I can share right now. I’m about to go watch Cougar Town & Modern Family! 2 VERY funny shows that come on ABC on Wednesdays at 8 & 9 o’clock. It’s right after church so it’s PERFECT! LOL. So yeah, I’m gonna go turn on the show now (DVR HOE!)! I’ll ttyl!


PS* So the “Break-ups suck” post just got a GREAT comment! It’s actually from the ex boyfriend, Josh! So go read it! It show how PATHETIC he really is.  He only talks shit on the INTERNET….can’t believe I dated that pussy. LOL! Ah! His antics just shows how much power I have over him. :] Alright! Love you guys! Keep reading the blog & COMMENT please! =D

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Promote Promote Promote!!

Miss Jupiter and myself would just like to ask everyone to promote our blog and get it heard! tell your friends, family, baby mama, and they cousin about us! =]

you don’t know how much it would mean to me and her….we are both two girls that just want to be heard!

please and thankies.

we are also currently working on getting new writers to the blog. =] so be on a look out for that.

here is a little video that happens when u put MissHighYellow in front of a camera for 15 minutes….its been edited down a hell of alot. ENJOY!



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